Workstations and storage: the basis of efficient workflows

Workstations and storage solutions aid the correct and proper operation of all work processes - whether in production, fabrication, assembly, logistics or office work. Aside from functional considerations, safety is an equally important aspect of workstations and storage solutions. Also, an ergonomic working environment protects employees’ health. All these aspects are also integral to the occupational health and safety that companies must ensure for their employees.

Workstations and storage solutions are needed in many areas, including workshops, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, the factory floor, warehouses, laboratories, offices, schools and social welfare facilities.

They include, for example:

  • Writing desks and swivel work chairs
  • Storage racking
  • Workbenches and assembly workstations
  • Tool cabinets
  • Solutions for storing and transporting tools.

What points do I need to consider with regard to workstations and storage solutions

In addition to the actual operational requirements, an ergonomic working environment and efficient organisation of workflows play a decisive role.

Ergonomics as part of occupational health and safety

Since your employees spend a lot of time at their work place, ergonomic design is very important. The design of the work place and the working environment is an essential element of occupational health and safety. Ergonomic workstations and storage solutions are optimally adapted to the employees and their working conditions. They improve work processes, improve performance and protect health. In particular, employee absenteeism due to sickness can be lastingly reduced by using the right resources. Implementing the right measures results in healthier employees, and consequently lower costs.

Organisation for optimal workflows

Designing work processes efficiently is the ideal foundation for high productivity and quality. Two methods have proved successful in achieving efficiency of workstations and storage solutions: the 5S methodology and the 6S methodology. They help to establish standardised work organisation and avoid long transport routes, waiting times and unnecessary searching for tools or materials.

The letter S stands for the following terms:

  1. Set in order
  2. Sort
  3. Shine
  4. Standardize
  5. Sustain
  6. Safety

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Ergonomics at the work place and in the work environment

Ergonomic work places improve employees’ health, motivation and efficiency.

Efficiency at the work place: 5S methodology/6S methodology

Efficient work place organisation enables quality working.

How do I plan my workstations and storage solutions?

Efficient workstations and storage solutions require intensive planning. In addition to the type of premises being fitted out, the internal work processes play an important role. The workstations and storage solutions should provide optimum support to those processes.

A warehouse, for example, requires different facilities to that in an office or factory. The warehouse facilities have to ensure efficient logistics and economical working in the handling of incoming and outgoing goods. In an office, desks, ergonomically designed chairs, and filing cabinets are the most important elements. Light industrial and factory facilities, on the other hand, use workbenches, workshop cabinets and roller cabinets.

A needs analysis is conducted on-site in order to identify the exact requirements. The necessary equipment can be selected and planned on that basis. Our team of expert consultants will be glad to help you do this.

Efficient workstations and storage equipment comprises the following elements:

Workstation systems

Workstations and workbenches enable you to set up your work places in an optimal way.

Tool cabinets

Properly sorted tools aid efficient operational workflows.

Goods issuing systems

Goods issuing systems and tool issuing systems help to optimise logistics processes.

Roller cabinets

The right roller cabinet aids organisation and enhances the efficiency of workflows at the work place.

Tool trolleys

They enable your employees to transport tools or materials quickly and safely.

Storage technology

Storage cabinets and racking helps you keep order in your works.

Environmental technology

Specialist environmental technology is employed for the storage and use of hazardous substances in accordance with standards.

Ladders and platforms

Ladders and platforms help your employees to easily access high-level locations.

Room systems and containers

Optimise your workstations and storage solutions with open-plan offices, partition wall systems and containers.

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We work together with you to develop a solution tailored precisely to your requirements, thereby making your working practices more efficient and increasing your productivity.

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Glossary - key terms from A to Z

In our glossary you will find the key terms relating to workstations and storage solutions. For example, “area of reach”, “visual space”, “ESD”, and the so-called “single-handed individual drawer release system”. You can also find out what the REACH regulations stipulate, and what container features a CSC approval covers.

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