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      Article no.: 492746

      Rigid micro-endoscope ⌀ 2.7 mm

      Brand: Schölly
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      Rigid micro-endoscope ⌀ 2.7 mm

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      The sturdy stainless steel tube and high-quality optics are specially well suited for rough industrial environments. Easy to connect to the required light source for the standard fibre optic cable connection (ACMI). Focusing works via a twist ring on the eyepiece. Easy focusing in the foreground and background without moving the endoscope. Bright, colour-corrected bar optics.
      Small diameter for measuring small components.

      Suitable for:

      FlexiVision 100 with HD camera head No. 492866.

      Optional extras:

      LED light sources No. 492846 and No. 462860.


      Using slip-on mirror sleeves the direction of view can be changed to 70° or 90°. When mirror sleeves are used the working diameter increases according to the mirror sleeve. Mirror sleeves and exchangeable lenses available on request.

      Technical Data

      Product name attribute
      ⌀ 2.7 mm 
      Probe ⌀
      2.7 mm