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      Article no.: 499250

      Contour measuring instrument

      Brand: GARANT
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      Contour measuring instrument

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      Simple contour measuring instrument with non-contact optical incremental measurement system. Solid granite base and high-precision axes with pre-loaded zero-play linear ball bearings. CNC-controlled X and Z-axes (either by keyboard or optionally by joystick).
      Measurement functions:
      • Set the measured section and measurement rate.
      • Programming automatic procedures by Teach-In.
      • Simple selection of regression lines and circles.
      • Create free and dependent intersections.
      • Create auxiliary lines, auxiliary circles and reference spheres.
      • Rotate contours and mirror contours.
      • Determine the shape and position.

      Supplied with:

      Supplied with measurement computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard, calibration standard, contact point mounting, contact point 20.5 mm.

      Optional extras:

      Joystick No. 499255, software options No. 499258, mountings and contact points 499260 – 499269.


      We reserve the right to make technical changes and to change the version of the PC and monitor.