Connected Manufacturing - Your digital tool management

Do you frequently not know where your tools are?

Are you familiar with the daily challenges you face in tool preparation?

Order and a good overview – that’s how it should be in the tool crib. The tool crib plays a central role as it makes the right precision tools available at the required point in time. But in everyday working life there can be annoying and expensive bottlenecks – are you familiar with this?

  • Tools have yet to be ordered?
  • Tools exist but cannot be located?
  • Tools have yet to be assembled and measured?
  • The wear-limit has only just been reached but has not been documented?
  • Tool data have been mixed up, are outdated or are missing completely?

Enormous efficiency increases in tool preparation

Connected Manufacturing provides you with the intuitive and convenient overview you need for your work:

  • Connected Manufacturing gives a quick and clear overview of which tools are available, which need to be assembled and where they are located.
  • Tool information can quickly be displayed and transmitted by scan.

No errors in assembly and measurement

  • Connected Manufacturing makes it possible to read the data from the pre-setting device and informs the user if the deviations are outside the tolerances.
  • The measurements are sent directly from the pre-setting device to Hoffmann Group “Connected Manufacturing” and stored centrally.

– and save more than 2,500 per year!

The new software solution: Connected Manufacturing - networked, transparent and efficient

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