GARANT Electronic torque / rotational angle wrench HCT

The wrench for very special torques.

The Bluetooth® enabled GARANT electronic torque wrench HCT (Hoffmann Group Connected Tools) not only lies well in the hand - the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages:

It offers numerous options for saving, digitalisation and documentation of your screw tightening profiles. The time-consuming manual transfer of measurement data is no longer necessary.

Features GARANT electronic torque wrench HCT

  • Data output via Bluetooth® or via USB-C interface
  • Display: 2.8 inch TFT display with double scale, dimmable, battery and memory display
  • Various modes can be programmed (via App or directly at the tool): Displaying torque, triggering torque, triggering rotational angle (also with rotational angle monitoring); screw tightening profiles and many more
  • Display and values: Peak and Track, rotational angle measurement, rotational angle and torque visible at the same time etc.
  • Ergononomic handle
  • Easy input of reference dimensions: No laborious calculations with formulae
  • Resistant: to oils, grease, fuel, brake fluid, Skydrol; protection class IP40

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Functionality and download HCT app

  • The HCT app is available free of charge for iOS and Android.
  • Tool can be programmed via the app (bi-directional interface)
  • Torque wrench can also be used in free-standing mode, without the app.

Download the clear and time-saving HCT app now, free-of-charge:

Advantages when you use the GARANT torque wrench via the HCT app

  • Easy documentation of the measured values in three different ways: Bluetooth app, Bluetooth HID, USB-C cable
  • Parallel Bluetooth connection to app and PC, to ensure easy setting of the torque wrench also when connected to the PC
    -> never loose measurement values again, no manual transmission, avoid sources of error
    -> easy integration into existing processes via the HID transmission
    -> time saving due to transmission of all saved measurement data via the app.
  • Easy to integrate into existing production processes due to the possibility of creating 10 workflows with up to 10 screw tightening profiles each. A total of 100 screw tightening profiles can be created
    -> Save time and increase quality. Simple processing of the saved screw tightening profiles.
  • Measuring ranges are reliably achieved due to visual (large display and LED ring), acoustic and haptic signals
    -> never again miss the correct tightening torque due to large display, vibration, acoustic signal, LED rings
  • Even without an unobstructed view of the display, the status of the screw tightening operation is detected - by means of a 360° visible LED ring or a mirrored screen in the app.
  • Ergonomic 2-component injection moulding prevents the torque wrench from slipping in the hand, even after prolonged use.
  • Increased accuracy through angular measurement.
  • A lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for cumbersome battery changes. The battery can be charged directly in the torque wrench or externally.

FAQ GARANT electronic torque wrench

  • 1. Connection to app: Pairing request. What must be selected?

    When you connect to the app, the Pairing Request dialog box appears. It is recommended not to pair by selecting "Cancel". (When pairing, the torque wrench is connected as a HID input device, thus deactivating the keyboard of the mobile device (only iOS).)

  • 2. Keyboard input in the app (iOS) no longer works. What is the reason for this?

    The torque wrench is paired and thus connected as a HID input device. Go to the Bluetooth settings on the mobile device and unpair the torque wrench. Then reconnect to the app and press "Cancel" when the pairing request appears.

  • 3. Can measured value data be transmitted via HID directly to the mobile device to which the torque wrench is simultaneously connected via the app?

    No, HID transmission of the measured values is only possible if there is no connection via app on the mobile device.

  • 4. Can I change the name of the torque wrench outside the app?

    No, changing the device name is only possible in the app and only applies to the mobile device on which the name was changed. The name DTWxxx remains in the Bluetooth settings of the respective device and cannot be changed. (Exception: Android devices).

  • 5. When opening the .csv file in Excel, the values are not assigned to the cells. What could be the reason for this?

    The value separator of the .csv file is exported according to the system language of the wrench. For German, French, Spanish, Italian the value separator is a semicolon (;) and for English a comma (,).

  • 6. When transmitting HID data, the HID data is not displayed correctly. What could be the reason for this?

    The HID transmission data can be set on the wrench to allow flexible adaptation to the receiver device. Please go to the menu of the torque wrench and open „Connections“. Here you can set the value separator, record separator, number separator and keyboard language.

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