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Are we already your reliable partner when it comes to procuring efficient cutting tools, protective work wear or sturdy workstations and storage? Do you also like to stay up to date with the times and grow further? Then you’re in the right place, as we can provide you with innovations for around your workstation! On the one hand, you can look forward to new products, and on the other hand, take your production to another level.

Take your production to the next level

The future starts today. Your analogue world is not enough? Do you want to network your processes? Production automation and data that is always up to date? We will show you how your future could look...

Hoffmann Group Connected Tools

Simply document your measurement and test results with our Bluetooth-compatible tools

GMT35 mass finishing machine

Automate your deburring processes now. Why finish by hand when it can easily be done by machine too?


Automation doesn’t just help to make your production more competitive, but also relieves the strain on your employees.

Tool issuing systems

Simply keep everything to hand – automate the procurement of your C-parts with our tool issuing systems.

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GARANT Master Steel Micro

High-performance micro-drill for general-purpose use on material, focussing on steel processing. Maximum process reliability due to exactly matched tools within the overall system and expanded guide chamfer.

GARANT Master Form Steel

The latest generation of high-performance fluteless tap, specially developed for use in steels. Optimised polygon geometry for a lower torque.

GARANT Master Titan solid carbide mini drill

Extra-short cutter for maximum stability. Shank length to DIN for improved support of the tool in the holder. This significantly increases the tool life.

GARANT copy and face milling cutter

The latest generation of copy and face milling cutter. Indexed round inserts ensure stable conditions and secure the insert against accidental twisting during use.

GARANT Master eco screw-on toolholder

Screw-on toolholder with highly efficient internal cooling. Indexable insert wear is minimised and reliability is boosted. Flushing with coolant aids chip breaking.

GARANT vibration-damped shrink-fit chuck

The shrink-fit chuck is vibration-damping, optimises tool lives and boosts reliability. Suitable for HSS and solid carbide tools.

Simplify your reworking

A smooth operator – GARANT Multi Cut burrs

We have thoroughly tested our burrs to give you the best tool for every application and material. The extremely reduced vibration of the GARANT burrs ensures top results, reduces scrap and protects the health of your employees. For the development and improvement of the GARANT burrs, we have taken a very close look at problems in production. The benefits that GARANT burrs provide: very smooth running and high cutting performance thanks to newly developed geometry and perfectly optimised twist angle. A significant boost to performance due to the coating that is perfectly adapted to the material to be machined and an optimum ratio between stability and flute. Increased productivity due to maximum removal rates alongside long tool lives

More about the GARANT burrs

Simplify your manual processes with the Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT)

The innovative Connected Tools from the Hoffmann Group revolutionise your measurement processes! This is because the state-of-the-art tools are Bluetooth-enabled tools and use apps to automatically transfer your measurement data to smartphones, tablets or computers. This means that you can work faster, more effectively, and more accurately than before.

Your advantages at a glance

  • High-quality documentation to help deal with complaints
  • Perfectly prepared for audits (e.g. ISO 9001 or VDA)
  • Simpler workflows: digitalised measurement and test reports
  • Improved overview: documentation is stored centrally
  • Identify missing measurements
  • No messy paperwork
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Discover our HCT innovations

HOLEX HCT caliper

HCT torque analyser

HOLEX digital dial indicator

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