GARANT Master Steel SlotMachine

Solid carbide high performance milling cutter for high feed rates

GARANT Master Steel SlotMachine: Overcomes performance limits in high-performance rough milling – even in slots milled from solid.

The new 5-edge end mill achieves a 25 percent higher process efficiency than a classic four-edge end mill. The innovative knuckle form profile minimises the cutting pressure, putting less load on the component. Therefore the new GARANT Master Steel SlotMachine high-performance end mill is particularly suitable for milling deep slots from solid.

An overview of the advantages offered by the new high-performance milling cutter:

  • TOP efficiency thanks to 5 teeth.
  • TOP chip formation thanks to innovative knuckle profile.
  • TOP chip evacuation thanks to extremely small swarf.
  • TOP stabillity thanks to reinforced core diameter.
  • TOP smooth cutting action thanks to unequal spacing.

Performance without limits - nonstop rough milling

5 teeth: our Master Steel SlotMachine HPC for high feed rates – even in slots milled from solid up to 2×D

  1. Green ring
    For general applications and for main applications in steel and cast materials.
  2. Extremely stable tool core
    Reduces the risk of fracture.
  3. Optimum chip evacuation
    Thanks to directional chip evacuation.
  4. Tool with unequal spacing
    Ensures smooth cutting action and reduces vibration.
  5. Precisely honed cutting edges
    Minimises the risk of break-outs.
  6. Generous centre freedom
    Enables plunge angles of up to 10°.
  7. Innovative coating
    For optimum wear behaviour. Reduces heat input.
  8. Innovative knuckle profile
    Creates more space for additional teeth and allows for smaller flutes.
  9. Ultra-fine grain structure
    Extreme flexural strength and extremely wear resistant

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GARANT MasterSteel SlotMachine

The tool geometry of the solid carbide roughing end mill with the innovative knuckle profile HPC creates very fine, tightly rolled and optimally evacuated swarf. Tightly rolled chips allow for smaller flutes, smaller flutes create more space for additional teeth. Thus it is possible to achieve a denser chip volume with constant swarf removal.

The solid carbide milling cutter GARANT Master Steel SlotMachine for milling slots from solid in steel with high feed rates extends the GARANT Master Steel product range.

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