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      Article no.: 236635

      KUB Trigon® indexable drill ABS 50 3×D 14 mm

      Brand: Komet
      Use for drilling convex
      Drill depth for indexable insert drill up to 3×D
      Through-coolant true
      Skaft ABS
      Use for drilling Aperture
      Use for drilling Centre drilling
      Use for drilling oblique spot drilling
      Use for drilling limited cross-drilling
      Use for drilling limited cross-drilling
      Use for drilling oblique exit
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      KUB Trigon® indexable drill ABS 50 3×D 14 mm

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      • Special manufacturing procedure for extremely large flutes with very high rigidity.
      • Specific positioning of the indexable inserts for bores free of withdrawal marks and with precise dimensional stability(± 0.1 mm as a rule).
      • Internal coolant supply is directed to the cutting edges (sophisticated geometry, ideal for minimum lubrication).
      • 3 − 10 bar coolant pressure is sufficient.
      • For stationary and rotating applications.

      • Offset-axis drilling: ⌀-dependent up to 1.5 mm, e.g. possible with offset axis unit (No. 239010 - 239030).


      With indexable inserts No. 236740 − 237080.

      Supplied with:

      Clamp screws (without indexable inserts).


      • Note! A disc falls off when the drill exits. Risk of injury if the component is rotating! Please take safety precautions.
      • On request − left-hand cutting; − 2×D, 4×D, ... ; - other ⌀; − special types − torsional vibration damper for ABS giving low-vibration machining, with maximum tool life and minimum noise level.

      • For matching ABS® adapters see product group 23, for other adapters see product group 30.