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Currently, there is no technical difference between the requirements on a product level for CE or UKCA markings. It is purely a legislative and administrative procedure to separate the regulations on the UK market in the event of future differences in requirements.

The UK Government have issued guidelines, as explained below, for how companies should deal with products that are to be placed (sold) on the UK market after 11pm on 31/12/2024. Using the UKCA marking - GOV.UK (

Hoffmann Group in Munich and the UK are continuously working together and monitoring government updates as the deadline draws nearer

It is our understanding that these guidelines will pass through the UK Parliament this autumn, although we do not yet have a date for this. Plans are in place for full compliance to current guidance once guidance has become law and no further changes can reasonably be expected.

The deadline for having the UKCA on all individual products at the point of manufacture, has been brought forward from 11pm 31/12/2025 to 11 pm 31/12/2024.

Before this new deadline date, UKCA markings should be placed on product, labels or accompanying paperwork and needs to refer to specific products that have been bought and needs to go with the product throughout its export journey until it reaches the end user.

To ensure full compliance, we are adding the UKCA logo onto all accompanying documents with each shipment.

How it will look going forward:

  • CE marked products can be purchased before 11pm on 31/12/2024
  • After 11pm on 31/12/2024, CE marked products purchased must be accompanied with the UKCA logo on the documentation for each shipment, until 11pm 31/12/2025.
  • After 11pm 31/12/2025, any product purchased must have the UKCA mark at the point of manufacture.


Q. Will Hoffmann brands HOLEX and GARANT still be available to the UK after 31/12/2024?
A. Yes. All HOLEX and GARANT products that are not yet UKCA marked, can be sold as currently with the above text on accompanying paperwork.

Q. What will happen to Hoffmann brands HOLEX and GARANT after the new deadline in 2025?
Sales of HOLEX and GARANT products will be closely monitored as the expiry date of the CE marking for said products need to be renewed. A review of which will take place during the transition period.

Q. Do CE marked products already sold in the UK still have need to have UKCA marking?
Yes and No.
- Products that are bought/ordered before 11pm 31/12/2024 can be placed on the market even after the deadline.
- Products that are bought/ordered after 11pm 31/12/2024 cannot be placed on the market after the deadline without UKCA marking on product, label or accompanying paperwork even if it has been sold in UK before.

Customer 1 orders 100 units of product A before 11pm 31/12/2024. That specific batch of product A can then be imported “as normal” until all Hundred have been delivered. If customer 1 orders additional units of product A after 11pm 31/12/2024, they need to be brough in under the new rules and will need to have UKCA un product, label or accompanying paperwork.

Extensive lobbying is being undertaken by business representatives to amend rules so that in the above example, product A would be exempt from new rules until 31/12/2025 by virtue of having been placed on the marked before the current deadline. We are closely following developments in negotiations, clarifications and interpretations of the current guidelines.

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