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Process automation and digitalisation: Digital ordering

Analogue processes tie up many resources when placing orders

Paper doesn’t blush, but it also takes up more time and effort during the ordering process.


“Facts, figures and data pile up on my desk just like in the old days. Does it really have to be like this?”

Facts, figures, data – as a works manager it’s only when you have all the pieces of the puzzle that you can report positive news to management regarding the production status, target achievement and stock levels.

Until then there are still a few hurdles to clear as ordering processes, among other things, also run across your desk. The annoying thing is that everything is on paper. That’s why analogue purchase requisitions are still waiting for you on your clipboard under the stock checklist! Does it really have to be like this?


“Various IT systems and having everything on lists and paper doesn’t really make it easy for me. Can’t this change?”

As a buyer you are responsible for the purchase of goods and materials for the manufacturing industry and must always keep the total budget for a project in mind.

To do so, you negotiate every tiny detail with suppliers, right up to consumable materials. You deal with order numbers, part numbers, supplier numbers and invoice numbers, mostly in different IT systems and on paper. It’s clear then that just one unforeseen, analogue purchase requisition or a rescheduled delivery brings chaos to your well thought-out system. Can’t this change?

Digital ordering processes - lean and paperless

Going digital means more control and reliability and gives you the opportunity to optimise your ordering processes. Whether you’re a works manager or buyer – with digital ordering you won’t miss out on any more information! It starts with a quick supplier reminder about a postponed delivery date and extends all the way through to all the facts about your order

Looking for technical data for the technical department? Need quantity details on reordered consumable materials? Are the budget and cost centres transparent? One click in the digital order simplifies everything – and quickly provides you with reliable information on the price, discounts and the availability of an item.

Take a real weight off your shoulders.

Another thing that really eases the burden is having valid availability information for the chosen items, providing you with planning security for your production and on-time deliveries to your customers. You save valuable time on product research and receive individual product recommendations in just a few clicks. What’s more, paperless ordering isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s also good for the environment.

The advantages of intelligent ordering processes.

Online purchasing processes are just one aspect, however. Ordering processes are only truly intelligent when electronic catalogues are simply connected to your internal materials management system via an interface. You can also use a variety of ordering methods, whether through item lists, direct purchases or simple reordering of standard items. Choose your individual path here and take advantage of the ability to electronically map your internal approval process. With this in place, nobody will place an order without being asked and without your knowledge any more. You can tick off “Place order” with peace of mind.

Be honest: the balancing act between the wants of the technical departments and your well thought-out purchasing strategy could hardly be easier, could it?

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Streamlined, digital e-procurement and paperless, sustainable office management. For low-stress, targeted action and a transparent order history.
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A personal customer account immediately shows you the best deals for you with our best-price feature. On top of that, you will receive lots of useful information for your everyday production work, such as availability and planned delivery times.


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In the order summary you can immediately see the current delivery status of your open orders. React in real time.


Look back at previous orders:

With just a few clicks you can access your order history and leave no questions unanswered.


The eShop takes care of compliance:

Managing rights and roles is easy with the user management function.

Flexibler Bestellweg

The eShop makes you more flexible:

The option to select your preferred ordering method lets you decide whether you want to order with item lists, direct purchases or reorders. Individual quotations or eScans are also possible.

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“Everything is simply in the eShop. Finally streamlined processes for purchasing. Finally more resources for more efficient production. Finally an end to all that paperwork.”

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