Hoffmann Group LogisticCity: Taking logistics to the next level

The most modern tooling logistics centre in Europe offers maximum security of supply

Hoffmann Group LogisticCity in Nuremberg
Hoffmann Group LogisticCity in Nuremberg

Your success builds on everything running smoothly in procurement. We ensure this happens with the highest delivery capability and 99.9% delivery accuracy – TÜV certified.

To be able to supply you with goods reliably in the future, we have created something big: LogisticCity – the most efficient tooling logistics centre.

LogisticCity is a crucial step towards achieving networked digital logistics that leverage the full range of technological opportunities available today. This reliably ensures our outstanding delivery performance for you on a long-term basis, even in times when we have to react constantly to changing market conditions.

We work together with our customers to implement bespoke logistics concepts – from automation through to specific in-house logistics requirements. Find out more about our logistics services here.

We make a big thing of delivery capability, which is why we are building facilities to match

100,000 m²

Logistics area


Container spaces in the
fully automated warehouse

14 km

Container and pallet
conveyor systems


Packages per day

State-of-the-art logistics centre

100,000 m² logistics area for maximum security of supply

With LogisticCity, we have also significantly expanded our range of services.

Some of the services we offer our customers in our new ServiceCenter include calibration, regrinding, textile finishing and laser labelling.

Our new TechnologyCenter illustrates the typical production process, including the use of goods issuing systems, work planning, assembly and presetting, clamping technology, and post-processing. We also show interesting live machining, automation solutions, and vibratory finishing and cleaning.

Making of LogisticCity in Nuremberg

Development of the Hoffmann Group’s new highly automated logistics centre began in 2018 on a 21.5 hectare area of land in Nuremberg-Langwasser. The investment sum was 200 million euros. It has been in operation since 2021 and has the capability to be scaled up.

The Hoffmann Group LogisticCity consists of an impressive high-bay warehouse, the shipping warehouse, the shuttle warehouse, goods receiving, administration with main entrance, and the new TechnologyCenter and ServiceCenter.

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