Hoffmann Group UK - Going Green Initiative

Going Green by Planting Trees

Hoffmann Group UK - GreenPlus Going Green Initiative

We understand the importance of playing our part in reducing our carbon footprint. The aim to offset this is close to us at Hoffmann Group UK. Therefore we have created an initiative to go hand in hand with this aim and our environmentally friendly products - the Garant GreenPlus range.

We have teamed up with Ecologi to help make this impact a reality. We have kick-started this by planting a tree for every employee at Hoffmann Group UK, with a goal to plant as many trees as we can, along with your help - to be a part of our Hoffmann Group Forest.

To accomplish this goal, for each Garant GreenPlus product a customer purchases from us, we will plant a tree in our Hoffmann Group UK Forest. You can view our Garant GreenPlus products by clicking here.

You can view our progress of the Hoffmann Group UK Forest by clicking the link below:
Visit the Hoffmann Group UK forest here.

View the milestones achieved in our Hoffmann Group Forest

The start of many milestones to come. See our badges earnt with Ecologi.

Hoffmann Group UK - 500 Trees Planted

500 Trees Planted

Hoffmann Group UK - 100 Trees Planted Badge

100 Trees Planted

Hoffmann Group UK - 25 Sparkly Trees Planted

25 Sparkly Trees Planted

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