Book a visit with Air Turbine Tools on their UK tour between 9th - 13th May

Hoffmann Group UK - Air Turbine Tools

Are you interested in a visit by Air Turbine Tools on their UK tour between 9th - 13 May, accompanied by our technicians? Then book your slot with us now! There will be a variety of products being demonstrated, including their constant high-speed spindles, motors and hand tools.

Air Turbine Tools Spindles, Motors and Tools® are powerful and governed to keep their high speed in cut.

Their patented direct drive turbines have only 2 moving parts resulting in the following advantages:

  • Great durability
  • Negligible vibration
  • Low heat and turbine air cooling the bearings
  • Super precision
  • No thermal effects on accuracy
  • Oil free mechanism
  • No maintenance
  • No control system or lubrication required
  • Quiet operation under 78 DBA
  • Just 90 PSI / 6.2 bar air needed
  • ATC on any CNC machine
  • Variable Speed Spindles available.
  • Up to 1.4HP available to maintain speeds of 25,000 to 90,000 rpm in cut
  • Less wear on your CNC spindle and less repairs.

This system is totally different from “speeders” and high frequency spindles which get hot and burn up requiring constant repairs. Used correctly, these can achieve 4,000 to 5,000 hours without any maintenance in metal work.

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