GARANT Video measuring microscopes

Precise measurement results quickly and easily

The new, improved GARANT measuring microscope family will now deliver precise results even more quickly and easily – at the tap of a finger!

GARANT Measuring microscope MM1

The GARANT measuring microscope provides quick image processing, a high-resolution colour camera and a multi-touch panel PC which is easy to operate and suitable for the workshop environment. A wide variety of geometric shapes and materials can be reliably measured and documented with the help of user-friendly controls.

Your advantages:

  • Simple intuitive software with well-thought out operating procedures and automatic documentation.
  • Flexible large measurement area for a wide variety of applications and component sizes.
  • Precise automatic edge detection and individual tolerance limits.

Many features of the GARANT measuring microscope have been improved compared to the previous model. It not only has a new, enhanced visual appearance, but also impresses with its improved performance.

  1. Very large field of view:
    A significantly enlarged field of view will help you to work more quickly, whilst maintaining the same high image quality. With fixed lens it is up to 10x larger, with motorised zoom lens up to 5x larger than that of the previous model.
  2. Ebormous field of measurement
    The new field of view provides a significantly enlarged field of measurement in stitching mode.
  3. Stitching function:
    The stitching function allows multiple images to be linked, thereby allowing precise measurement of larger components. Save time and record only the contours that you require to measure.
  4. Intelligent contour tracking:
    The GARANT measuring microscope MM1 with CNC controller is capable of automatically tracking and recording an unknown contour. This reduces the work required for individual measurements and teaching new measuement programs. The learning function allows contours to be recognised reliably even under adverse conditions.

GARANT measuring microscope family

The high-quality GARANT video measuring microscopes offer you intuitive solutions for your individual measurement tasks. The complete product family gives you precise results quickly and easily - at the touch of a finger!

The user-friendly measurement software is intuitive, individual and intelligent.

The measurement software of the GARANT video measuring microscopes impresses with its clear user interface, with no hidden submenus, coupled with an outstanding edge detection algorithm for recording the measurement points. Very easy dimensioning and tolerance checking of the measured features in the drawing, simply by using your finger. Comprehensive tolerance checking of the elements according to DIN ISO.

Extremely quick measuring, recording, managing, exporting or printing

  1. Easy recording of the measurement points by tapping on the elements in the live display. Additional generation of measurement programme procedures with graphical working instructions for the following measurements.
  2. Detailed graphical depiction of the measured elements in the view of the parts. This dimensioned drawing, together with the measurements record, can be printed out if required.
  3. Elements view with tolerance input using various different calculation methods (Gauss, Pferch, Hüll, MMK, best form). Specified values can be input to the system by automatic rounding of the actual value, keyboard input or loading from a DXF file (using DXF option).
  4. Comprehensive results lists with OK / Not OK displays and graphical tendency bars for deviations from tolerance. Measurement record with or without graphical depiction as printed output or data export (TSV/CSV/TXT).

Further information

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More detailed information about the GARANT video measuring microscopes can be found in our brochure.

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