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GARANT solid carbide milling cutter TPC optimised for process reliable chip removal

With their GARANT TPC tools the Hoffmann Group is launching innovative milling cutters onto the market, that have been especially designed for the requirements of the new method of Trochoidal Performance Cutting (TPC).

TPC – Trochoidal Performance Cutting:

With special geometries and optimised milling paths, GARANT TPC tools deliver maximum machining volume with low cutting force and minimal wear. Discover the benefits of this strategy and enjoy your work with the new TPC milling cutter generation, which in combination with a trochoidal milling strategy translate into real money in your pocket.

New GARANT TPC milling cutter with multiple chip breakers

GARANT solid carbide milling cutters TPC:

  1. Unequal spacing of the cutting edges: Reduction in vibration. Increased smoothness of running.
  2. Cutting edge with 45° chamfer: For edge protection.
  3. Optimised flute profile: Optimum chip evacuation via 7 flutes.
  4. Very stable core diameter: Confers extreme robustness and tool stiffness. Avoids tool displacement.
  5. Cutting edges precision ground: Ideal sharpness in the coated condition.
  6. Minimised wear: At the peripheral cutting edges. Due to specifically rounded-off cutting edges. Latest coating.
  7. Balanced tool geometry: DIN ISO 1940 – G2,5.
  8. Optimised substrate due to matched Co content: Improved bending strength. Improved toughness.
  9. Multiple chip breakers for shorter chips.

Chip formation with existing GARANT TPC milling cutters

  • Long chips due to few chip breakers
  • High fracture resistance due to low notching effect from few chip breakers
  • Good surfaces due to few interruption in the cutting

Chip formation using the new GARANT TPC milling cutters with multiple chip breakers

  • Short chips due to multiple chip breakers
  • Low risk of chips jamming
  • Reduced wear due to avoidance of chips jamming
  • Less space required for the chips
  • Reduced risk of chip accumulation
  • High process reliability especially in automated production

Trochoidal milling - static

The cycle of "semi-circular milling with small steps" describes the milling strategy in which the ae/ap relationship is optimised to suit the machining process. Since both the maximum radial infeed (aemax) and also the feed rate speed (Vf ) are constant, we refer to this as a static milling strategy, which by means of a standard programming system can be used on all CNC milling machines.

The average cutting thickness hm is not constant. Varying swarf results in unequal loads! The advantages compared to a conventional milling strategy are a higher metal removal rate, use of the entire cutting length and longer tool life.

Trochoidal milling - dynamic

The optimum machining process is described by the dynamic trochoidal strategy. Depending on the material, the maximum engagement angle is defined along with the corresponding maximum cutting thickness.
The engagement angle φs is limited according to the material. The feed rate speed is continuously recalculated and adjusted by the CAM system:

The average cutting thickness hm is constant. Uniform swarf is generated. With dynamic feed rate speed (effective path feed rate) and variable cutting width, the CAM system unlocks the maximum efficiency of the GARANT TPC tools!

A constant average cutting thickness (hm) offers you significant advantages compared to other processes. With dynamic trochoidal milling you have minimal heat development, optimum tool life and a maximum metal removal rate.

Prerequisites for successful TPC milling:

  • a modern CAM system or modern machine control system
  • a machining centre with the most dynamic characteristics possible
  • TPC tools from GARANT − specially developed for the requirements in trochoidal application

TPC milling cutters for aluminium

Product video

GARANT TPC - Trochoidal milling

Watch our video to find out about the differences to conventional milling, to get technical details, which show the advantages of TPC, and find out about the optimum areas of application.

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