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      Air circulation filter attachment for HOLEX safety cabinets 1

      Brand: HOLEX

      Air circulation filter attachment for HOLEX safety cabinets 1

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      The HOLEX filter unit operates in recirculation mode and performs technical ventilation of HOLEX safety cabinets type 90 (No. 981105 size 1200) to DIN EN 14470-1 for the storage of flammable liquids.
      Due to its low noise in operation, the HOLEX hazardous substances filter unit is ideal for use directly in the working environment. The HOLEX hazardous substances filter unit responds to coarse particles (dust etc.) and to heavy contamination of the exhaust air with hydrocarbon vapours and gases. When the filters are saturated, the LED lamps give warning indications.
      The exhaust air of the cabinet is purged of hydrocarbon vapours by the integral activated carbon filter and can then be released into the air. The special feature of the filter is in its tandem operating mode. If the main filter is saturated, the second integral filter ensures additional safety for a period of approx. 14 days.
      No contamination of the ambient air because virtually 100% of all solvent vapours are filtered out – protecting the health of employees!


      Light grey RAL 7035 powder-coated.


      To ensure hazard-free working, the HOLEX hazardous substances filter unit should be checked for correct operation in accordance with the instructions and duty by in-house specialist technicians. In the course of this check the tandem activated carbon filter should be checked for clogging. When the sensor indicates saturation of the activated carbon filter, it can be changed by a qualified person.

      Technical Data

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