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      Article no.: 428300

      Universal measuring gauge in a wooden case

      Brand: Bowers Group
      Packaging sturdy box
      Calibration A3
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      Universal measuring gauge in a wooden case

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      Lightweight stable tubular construction. Two caliper jaws for holding various measuring tips. Fixed caliper jaw holder (without guide slot) movable on tube for coarse adjustment. Movable caliper jaw holder mounted on play-free low friction bearings in high precision journal to give maximum accuracy. Constant gauging force ensured by built-in gauging force spring. For non-contact loading into measurement position, the movable caliper jaw can be retracted. Measurement range can be extended by optional extension as required (max. 3000 mm). Can be used with any dial indicator or precision dial indicator with shank ⌀ 8 mm h6.


      Universal gauge for comparative measurements. For external and internal measurements on a high variety of component forms using narrow shoulders. With special accessories for measuring centring wheels, recesses, grooves, dovetails, cones, gear teeth and internal/external threads.

      Supplied with:

      Basic unit, wooden case.

      Technical Data

      sturdy box