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      Article no.: 290373

      Cutting insert H7 TiN

      Brand: GARANT

      Cutting insert H7 TiN

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      for slot width m (mm)



      With TiN coating.
      Suitable for regrinding.


      For producing slots according to DIN 6885, DIN 138 and factory standards.
      For slot widths with tolerance JS9, use cutter inserts with tolerance H7.


      • Special sizes (slot widths) available on request.
      • From slot width 16 mm it is essential to perform two passes. The first pass must be performed for approx. half the slot width (e.g. 10 mm for a desired slot width of 18 mm).
      • Detailed application values can be found in the info block on page 727.

      Technical Data

      for precision fit

      Application Table

      Alu plastics
      Aluminium (short chipping)
      Alu > 10% Si
      Steel < 500 N/mm²
      Steel < 750 N/mm²
      Steel < 900 N/mm²
      Steel < 1100 N/mm²
      Steel < 1400 N/mm²
      INOX < 900 N/mm²
      INOX > 900 N/mm²
      Ti > 850 N/mm²
      Graphite, GRP, CRP
      wet maximum
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