GARANT Setting Bench SB1

GARANT SB1 setting bench – horizontal setting device for setting measuring tools

Horizontal setting device with fast and convenient operation for the best results

The setting of comparative measuring devices is becoming more and more challenging in today's world. Reasons for this are increasingly complex tasks in production: higher variant diversity, cost and time pressure, employee availability, different delivery times, etc.

The GARANT Setting Bench SB1 is a horizontal setting device with a workshop-compatible touch screen for setting internal and external measuring devices. It allows quick and convenient setting of various measurement tools in the measurement ranges of 300 mm, 600 mm, 1000 mm and 1500 mm.

The SB1 features high-quality workmanship, a solid granite base and high-precision guides. The high-precision motor control readjusts the set default values in real time even when different measuring forces are applied. The robust setting bench is designed for daily use in manufacturing, production and the workshop.

The GARANT setting bench priovides many advantages

  • Flexibility due to large measuring range: A very large measuring range can be covered with only one device. This allows quick reaction to special dimensions.
  • Low capital commitment: Only one device is required. Instead of having to have many different setting options and setting sizes, only one device is required
  • Accuracy: It is no longer necessary to join multiple gauge blocks together. This avoids loss of accuracy.
  • Backup system: If a special size is required or another setting option fails, the Setting Bench can act as a backup system. This avoids expensive special productions or loss of time.
  • Temperature compensation: Temperature fluctuations can be compensated by an integrated temperature compensation. This enables measurement in production and does not require the use of measuring rooms.
  • User-friendliness: The setting process, e.g. when joining gauge blocks together, is complex. With the Setting Bench only one dimension is entered, then the measuring device can be set immediately.

The GARANT Setting Bench is suitable for setting internal and external measuring tools, such as:

  • Two-point bore gauges
  • External micrometers
  • Vernier calipers
  • Digital internal quick calipers
  • Universal measuring instruments

Further challenges with the conventional setting method

  • Accuracy: If the gauge blocks are arranged in a row (pushing), inaccuracies can occur due to contamination.
  • Availability: Setting rings are not always available in all required dimensions
  • Special dimensions: Long delivery times of up to 12 weeks can be expected
  • Complexity: The many different measuring devices must be stored. Calibration must be organised for a great many different measuring devices. The setting process with gauge blocks is not easy to perform.
  • Calibration process: If, for example, it is discovered too late that a particular setting ring is not calibrated, this can lead to delays in the production process. It may be necessary to manufacture your own devices / components as a substitute, which can cause high costs and tie up the capacities of employees, lathes and measuring devices.
  • Losses: If, for example, it is discovered that a required setting ring is defective, either a new setting ring must be procured or a different solution must be found. This can lead to delays or to costly in-house production.

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of the GARANT Setting Bench SB1 in the video.

Gearbox manufacturer Kordel uses GARANT Setting Bench SB1 for quality testing

The introduction of the new GARANT Setting Bench SB1 has led to a significant increase in process reliability and a considerable reduction in work stress for the staff at Kordel Antriebstechnik GmbH.

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All features at a glance

GARANT Setting Bench SB1

Simple and convenient to use

The device is high quality and has a solid granite base and high-precision guides. The highly accurate motor control regulates the set values in real time, even with a variety of gauging forces.

  • Large intuitive operating display: touchscreen, input of internal and external sizes.
  • Integrated tolerance calculator: calculation of the tolerance from the nominal size and fit. Direct access to the MIN / MAX / MIDPOINT values that are determined.
  • Creating favourites: the history is recorded and can be accessed at any time. Saving of favourites for repeated setting of measuring tools.
  • Connections: Internet connection, USB ports for scanners and label printers.
  • Optional adapters for setting different types of measuring devices
  • Solid granite base
  • Adjustable gauge blocks for internal and external measurement

Availability of adjustment data

After the printed label has been applied to the measurement tool, the setting data of the tool can always be traced and, by scanning in, can be restored using the setting bench.

  1. Adjust the measuring device
  2. Print the label
  3. Apply a label to the adjusted measuring tool
  4. Scan the label
  5. The setting value is recorded

Profitable already after a short time


When using gauge blocks, it usually takes more than 90 seconds to set a gauge, which is significantly longer than with the GARANT Setting Bench. Four steps are necessary: 1. look for gauge blocks, 2. add the values, 3. assemble the gauge blocks, 4. set the measuring instrument.

The average of 90 seconds can easily be exceeded, as the gauge blocks might be missing and there is likelihood of a miscalculation or dust having accumulated on the gauge blocks. Use of the GARANT SB1 setting bench eliminates these potential problems whilst also reducing the time required for the work.

GARANT Setting Bench SB1

When using the GARANT Setting Bench, it takes an average of 12 seconds to set a gauge. This enormous time saving of over 85% compared to the conventional setting method quickly makes it profitable.

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