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GARANT Master steel PickPocket

Universal milling cutter with up to 80 % better performance at a longer tool life.


A breakthrough at the extreme limits of performance in all milling disciplines with the GARANT MasterSteel PickPocket. 

The new GARANT universal milling cutter from the MasterSteel series offers up to 80 % better performance at a longer tool life. The new dimension in mono machining: it combines power and application versatility. The joker in the pack for all problems scores highly in the disciplines of milling, ramping and even drilling with outstanding performance data.

Universal milling cutter GARANT MasterSteel Pickpocket


1. Innovative geometry
- Optimum chip breaking when ramping

2. Unequal helical pitch
- For smooth running

3. Green ring
- For general applications
- Main application field: steel

4. Special core diameter increase
- Ensures optimum stability during the machining process

5. Recessed drill tip
- Extremely large recess
- For aggresive ramping and plunging

6. Crescent-shaped cutting edge
- End face, under the centre
- Unequal spacing

Product video

Universal milling cutter GARANT MasterSteel PickPocket

Universal milling cutter GARANT MasterSteel PickPocket

The latest member of the GARANT MasterSteel family impresses with its outstanding properties: the GARANT MasterSteel PickPocket offers up to 80% better performance at a longer tool life.
Its patented, innovative geometry, with a crescent-shaped cutting edge combined with a recessed drill tip ensures optimum chip breaking when ramping and helical milling.

GARANT ToolGrinding


Professional all-round reconditioning service for your machining tools – because matches the original!  

With Garant ToolGrinding you will get an original regrind for maximum tool performance and tool life. A service that will bring your milling cutters, drills, countersinks and saws back to their peak:  

- Full high performance and precision thanks to original regrinding and coating.
- Comprehensive grinding services from a single source.
- Simple, quick processing completed on schedule.
- Efficient and cost-saving.
- Transparent, fair prices, no hidden surcharges.

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