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      In the beginning there was fire

      With the discovery of the naked flame, humans were finally in a position to see even without sunlight.
      Today, light plays an extremely important role in a very wide range of areas and functions – especially at the workplace.

      The story of light


      1. Fire: The discovery of fire some 50,000 years ago solved many problems at a stroke. The flames gave heat for warmth and for cooking. And they were outstandingly suitable for turning darkness into light.
      2. Gas lamp: This was introduced at the end of the 18th century, at the start of industrialisation. For this the gas was delivered through pipes to the lamp fittings, where it burnt.
      3. Light bulb: This is closely linked to the name Thomas Alva Edison. In 1880 the ingenious inventor created a light bulb using Japanese bamboo. It lit up brightly, lasted a long time and was affordable. Perfect for mass production.
      4. LED: After the legendary incandescent light bulb with tungsten filament, and fluorescent tubes, nowadays on ecological grounds the LED is the light source of choice.

      LED technology for optimum illumination


      Even illumination of the workplace is part of good ergonomics for non-fatiguing work – here LED lighting is sweeping all before it, and has superseded the incandescent bulb, for other reasons as well as technical aspects.

      Over a prolonged period, incorrect lighting at the workplace leads to ill health, reduced motivation, and increase in the number of mistakes and thus to an increased risk of accidents.

      Optimum lighting on the other hand not only increases motivation, it increases the sense of well-being and controls our biorhythms – correct LED lighting at the workplace helps in this respect.

      The advantages of LED lighting:

      • energy-efficient (potentially saving 90 % of the energy costs of an incandescent lamp)
      • maintenance-free
      • outstanding performance (optimum light, higher efficiency)
      • resistant to impacts and vibration (breakage-resistant)
      • long working life (more than 55,000 hours)
      • safety (reduced risk of fire and injury)
      • environmentally compatible (no toxic components, free of mercury, recyclable)
      • no warm-up time (full light intensity immediately it is switched on)
      • very good colour rendition
      • no UV radiation