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      Top fitness throughout the working day


      Anyone who today wants to ”stand his ground“ in his profession must adopt the idea of an ideal working environment. The more intelligently this is structured, the more the employee feels secure, is motivated and has a sense of wellbeing.

      Especially since the industrial revolution, man has had to adapt to the working conditions, with no regard to lost time and his own health. That has now changed fundamentally.

      Nowadays thanks to digitalisation the working environment, working procedures and working resources are arranged intelligently in order to achieve an ideal setting for activity. At this point, ergonomics comes into the picture. This concerns the optimum balance of the working systems between man, machine and the world of work.

      In practice this means the following: Ergonomic workplaces provide protection against mental and physical stresses on the employee, and actually reduce them. In addition the employee is significantly more productive. He can work significantly longer than in a conventional working environment before the onset of fatigue.
      Naturally the company itself also benefits from the resulting reduction in absence times. Healthy and contented employees are the key to success.

      The optimum design of the area of reach


      1. Area of reach within the maximum field of view:

      • For larger motor movements.
      • Only upper arm and lower arm movements for activities which require no focussed vision and for which reaching without direct visual control is acceptable.

      2. Central working area - Both hand zones in the optimum field of view:

      • Optimum for work requiring both hands.
      • Within the field of view of the employee.
      • For fine motor control.
      • Pure lower arm movements for activities where precise visual control is essential.

      3. Single-hand zone within the maximum field of view:

      • For occasional handling.
      • With movement of the shoulder and rump.