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      How colours work

      It’s impossible to avoid being affected by colours. Colours evoke unconscious emotions and have a wide range of symbolic significances. Many are evident in the names – like celestial blue, sunshine yellow or blood red; other associations however are apparent only when studied more closely.


      Here is an overview of the seven most important colours and their various meanings:

      Red: Love / passion / aggression / danger

      Orange: Energy / zest for life / activity / heat

      Yellow: Sun / envy / jealousy

      Violet: Inspiration / mysticism / magic / force / pride / hight

      Blue: Harmony / loyalty / seriousness

      Green: Peace / life / regeneration / luck

      Grey: Objectivity / discretion / reticence

      Noble, elegant, easy to combine


      The new GARANT GridLine is based on anthracite – a colour much used in machine tool building and currently in vogue in many other areas.
      Steel blue, a medium blue also known as RAL 5011, has always stood for reliability and authenticity.

      In the field of workstations and storage, however, this blue also acts as a contrast colour against other objects. In their workshop many companies have machine tools in the colours reseda green or lime green traditionally used by the manufacturers. The blue of the roller cabinet would further increase the visual variety of the workplace. Therefore the new GARANT GridLine uses anthracite as the base combination colour.

      This dark grey is not only used in modern machine tool building, it is also a vogue colour generally perceived as noble, elegant and beautiful. The anthracite is useful for companies which have consciously chosen a corporate colour or colour scheme. Dark grey is respectable, can be combined without problems with virtually every other colour and presents a restrained neutrality.