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      Article no.: 362250

      High pressure vice without swivel base 100 mm

      Brand: Allmatic
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      High pressure vice without swivel base 100 mm

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      • Base body with longitudinal and transverse tenon slots enables fast and exact alignment of the vice in longitudinal and transverse directions.

      • Maintenance-free high pressure spindle with constant pressure level due to low-wear fully mechanical power intensifier.

      • High quality spheroidal cast iron, hardened, ground workpiece mounting face and ground guides.

      • Required clamping force pre-selectable: No high pressure at 0 setting. Continuous tests have shown that the power intensifier can withstand 1 million working strokes without harm.

      • No fall-off in clamping force. Fast alignment with 2 loose tenons in the precisely manufactured slot in the vice base.

      • Interchangeable jaws, hardened and ground(with serrated faces).

      • Height tolerance − 0.03 mm.


      • For vibration-free, absolutely reliable clamping at maximum cutting and feed rate forces.

      • Consistent support height allows efficient working with several vices alongside each other.

      • Clamping using crank. High clamping forces can be achieved with low physical effort due to maximum 2 spindle rotations.

      Supplied with:

      4 table clamps, 1 pair serrated jaws, crank handle.