After a year of school, it’s still like new!

Hoffmann Group equips Tyrolean vocational school: Planning and installation included

The Tyrolean Vocational School for Metal Engineering (TFBS) is known for its demanding training programme. The school in Innsbruck (Austria) is attended by more than 1000 students. In order to ensure that training standards remain high, the state of Tyrol decided to move the training workshops to a new building and expand the usable floor space to around 3000 square metres. “We needed more space because we wanted to set up new CNC machines, machining centers and a materials store,” says Josef Siller, director of the Tyrolean Vocational School for Metal Engineering. “The new building had to fit the mandate of the school and provide an environment in which our students can optimally prepare for their future career. Construction work started in February 2019, and in late autumn 2020 we were able to move into the building.”

A perfect match - the exterior and the interior

The contract to equip the interior of the building and to supply the tools, personal protective equipment (PPE) and workshop supplies was awarded to the Hoffmann Group. As Director Siller explains: “The tender was extremely comprehensive and only a few suppliers met the requirements. The Hoffmann Group convinced us because it is able to deliver everything from a single source. The GARANT GridLine range of furniture also immediately appealed to us when we visited the showroom of the Hoffmann Group.

With GARANT GridLine, everything fits together according to the modular principle: small parts storage bins, slotted dividers, rigid foam inlays, cabinets and workbenches. “GARANT GridLine meets our quality standards and, with its timeless design, fits in perfectly with our new building,” says Siller. The factory equipment blends in well with the architectural concept of the new building, which favours clear lines and, through its very large window front, merges the interior and exterior architecture. The colour of the building’s metal facade is picked up in the interior by the light grey and anthracite workstations and storage equipment, while the bamboo worktops of the workbenches radiate an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

In a complex 3-D planning process, the Hoffmann Group created virtual simulations showing how the rooms were to be equipped, right down to the smallest detail

Defining a uniform standard

“We were delighted with the advice and professional planning,” Siller continues. “The consultants always responded to our wishes and presented us with convincing 3D plans. This gave us a great degree of certainty.” Markus Schwägerl, specialist consultant for workstations and storage at the Hoffmann Group, was on site for five days to look at the premises and record some ideas. He had to equip a total of twelve rooms and three corridors. He remembers: “It was not easy to plan a project of this magnitude. The challenge was to establish a uniform “standard” for all rooms whilst taking into account the wishes of the subject teachers. We had several discussions. However, everyone really liked the final result and there were hardly any changes to the first draft.”

Multi-person workstations promote cooperation

In order to encourage collaboration among the students, multi-person workstations were set up with workbenches for four to six people. These facilitate contact and promote a sense of community - as recommended by modern learning concepts. Additional workbenches are available as individual workstations for tasks that require concentration. Wooden slatting and anti-slip mats in front of the workstations provide an added level of safety and comfort; stools and work chairs allow comfortable working and studying while sitting

The goal is order and cleanliness

The Hoffmann Group has installed GARANT GridLine workshop cabinets to store raw materials, workpieces, tools and workshop supplies. Drawer cabinets and a three-level drawer/shelf combination unit create an extremely large amount of storage space on a small footprint; swing door cabinets with viewing windows make life easier for the students by letting them see what’s inside the cabinet; sliding door cabinets with self-locking doors ensure convenient handling. In order to store items in an organised manner, the drawers were equipped with dividers and high-quality tools were placed in rigid foam inlays with labels. In addition, perforated panels with EasyFix hooks and holders ensure a “tidy” appearance and ensure that the tools are easily accessible.

Josef Siller says: “Durability and longevity are indispensable in daily school life, because our furniture and equipment are subject to heavy wear and tear. If something gets damaged, we are able to buy replacements for several years to come. The installation service also impressed us: Four fitters set up everything in nine working days and we were able to move in immediately.” The school therefore decided to concluded a framework agreement with the Hoffmann Group for further procurement of tools, personal protective equipment and workshop supplies. “It is a huge advantage for us to get everything from a single source. But the best thing is: after a year of school, the facility still looks like new”, says Siller

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