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Safety coupling with Stream-Line

Brand: CEJN

Safety coupling with Stream-Line

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Stream-Line hose adapter simply and effectively clamps the hose on to the coupling by means of a threaded nut - no hose clip required.
The eSafe safety coupling satisfies the ISO standard 4414 and EN 983 It is first depressurised and then decoupled in a second step (no whiplash). New improved single-handed operation.
Steel couplings have many advantages in pneumatic systems compared to standard brass couplings:
  • Easy to use with only one hand with low coupling force.
  • High flow rateas a consequence of very low pressure drop.
  • Long working life due to surface treatment and hardened components with tight manufacturing tolerances.
  • Cost-effectiveness − the amortisation time is 2years at the most.

Rate of flow: 2250 ltr/min, maximum operating pressure 16 bar.


For improving the performance, economics, and safety of industrial compressed air installations.


The CEJN series 320 satisfies Euro standard 7.6 (nominal ⌀ 7.6 mm, Euro profile) and is compatible with all popular systems.
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