Products for working safely during Coronavirus

The Coronavirus influences our private as well as our working lives. Many people are working from home, large-scale events such as trade fairs, concerts etc. have to be cancelled or postponed.
In many sectors and companies, however, work continues, for example to ensure provision of essential goods and services as well as nursing care. In these sectors it is particularly important that employees are well informed about Coronavirus relevant protective measures and that they can comply with the appropriate hygiene and safety standards.

That’s why we have put together a selection of products that will help you to comply with the occupational safety standards and, at the same time, protect your employees and customers. Because we will only get through the Coronavirus by working together and by ”keeping safe distances”. Stay healthy!

Additional products available to order in the shop, by e-mail or phone.

Are you looking for alternative products? Here you will find our new Coronavirus relevant products, helping to prevent the spread of the virus.
Please note: Due to the short-term procurement of these up-to-date products they will initially only be available to order by e-mail or by phone.

Contact warning and contact tracing

KINEXON SafeZone is the ultimate digital solution for distance warning and tracking chains of infection. A wearable which is suitable for industry to protect your employees and processes.

Always up-to-date information on the current COVID-19 situation

Working in times of Corona – how can the employer protect his employees?
Doing without many of our social contacts and staying at home is currently the best protection against an infection with the Coronavirus. But how can we protect ourselves at work if „home office” is not an option?
We would like to help you by providing some useful information.

Competent service provided by our specialist advisers for workstations & storage and for PPE

We are still here for you: We use our experience of more than 100 years as a service provider and as a tooling specialist to make your company one of the safest places in which to work. Our qualified team of more than 60 PPE specialists has the required expertise in the respective protective functions and the current legal regulations and standards. Our expert team of workstations and storage advisers will also gladly help you to plan your furniture and equipment for your company – be it for the warehouse, production areas or offices.
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