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Here you can find digital versions of our printed brochures for browsing through and for download. A quick and easy way to obtain information about our latest innovations and about such diverse topics as machining, clamping technology, cutting and grinding, metrology, hand tools and assembly tools, workstations and storage equipment, personal protective equipment and the Hoffmann Group Tool Services.

Industrial tooling and equipment

The 10 meters around machine - everything for your production.

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HOLEX quality tools

Discover absolutely reliable HOLEX quality tools at impressively attractive prices for your everyday tooling needs

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Powerful discs coming in.

The new abrasive flap discs from GARANT and HOLEX:

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Your work in the best light.

The new HOLEX LED lamps.

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HOLEX tool cart - 7 drawer, 27 inch trolley

Latest addition, all new HOLEX economical trolly with excellent appearance.

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Simply work in a relaxed and safe manner.

Effective and individual solutions for optimum ESD protection.

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Whatever you want – we can turn it into reality

Custom made workstations and storage products to meet your demands.

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GARANT Tool24 goods issuing system

Efficiency in procurement and supply

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The 5S Methodology

Maximum efficiency through an orderly workplace

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Tool storage system GARANT Easyfix

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Workstations and Storage reloaded

GARANT GridLine Magazine No.1

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Textile customisation

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Tool Grinding

Professional reconditioning of your cutting tools

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