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Customised and personalised workwear is the first step required to stand out from the competition and to give your company a USP. You can use customised workwear with an imprint or embroidery in almost any line of work. That is why we offer different options for customised workwear and produce exclusive items of clothing of the utmost quality. This way you can improve the impression your company makes on customers and turn your company name into a brand.


Standardised workwear gives a company added value that should not be underestimated. Personalising workwear for employees, or applying the company logo or company lettering onto it achieves four important, lucrative effects, all at the same time:

  • It strengthens the feeling of solidarity within the workforce
  • It makes your employees stand out to the public and has a marketing effect
  • Personalising your employees’ workwear with their names gives them a particular sense of appreciation
  • It strengthens an employee’s sense of identity with the company and creates a more personalised experience for the customer


We strengthen your brand identity
There are different options for applying your logo or your message onto your workwear. We use different materials and processes depending on the industry, budget and application area.

Embroidery process on different textiles

Using modern embroidery processes, we ensure that the application of logos, lettering and names is accurate and neat. Thanks to our use of high-quality and hard-wearing embroidery yarn, the clothes take on an elegant look. The yarn is especially well-suited to textiles exposed to a lot of stress. We create a customised embroidery program for each design, which is crucial for the quality of the embroidery. The costs of the embroidery are based on the size of the design, the number of stitches and the quantity involved (for the initial order there is a one-off cost for the creation of the embroidery program).

Transfer process (thermal-transfer)

Using transfer printing, it is possible to print the customised designs onto almost any type of textile. This robust and resistant form of textile customisation provides you with a broad choice of qualities, colours, sizes and shapes. We can even print onto parts of clothing with functional membranes, without destroying the important membranes. The costs of the transfer are based on the quality of the emblem (based on the quality of the text to be printed), the size of the design, the number of colours, and the number of manufactured transfers purchased.

Plotter markings

Plotter markings are ideal for lettering, names, numbering, and logos with not too much detail. To create a plotter marking we use a digital template as the base. The ready-cut plotter sheet is weeded and applied to the item of clothing using a press.
This process has good coverage and enables the textiles to be easily washed. It is also extremely well-suited for smaller volumes, starting from one piece.

Laser engraving

The process of laser engraving involves customising textiles using a unique shading effect, which varies based on the colour and material. Laser engraving is particularly well-suited for fleece and softshell workwear.

A detailed list of all our processes and their particularities can be found here:


  • Customised solutions for your workwear and protective workwear, with on-site advice
  • Customisation in-house, linked to our logistics centre in Nuremberg
  • Stock management of your emblems
  • Electronic re-ordering


The Hoffmann Group provides you with everything from a single source:

  • Customised consultation and advice
  • Consultation and guidance throughout the design process of your workwear concept
  • Choice of the best customisation processes for your needs
  • Fast delivery, even when re-ordering smaller quantities


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