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      Article no.: 434410

      Digital absolute dial gauge IP66 5 mm

      Brand: Mitutoyo
      Measured value saving once-off setting of the zero position
      Norm Manufacturer’s standard
      Interface USB interface
      Interface Digimatic interface
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      Digital absolute dial gauge IP66 5 mm

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      Handy, versatile, and robust digital dial indicator with integral tolerance display (with or without measured value). The slim profile makes them particularly suitable for incorporation in jigs where space is restricted. The display can be turned through 180° to allow reading from both sides. Short circuiting the Digimatic cable pins 1 and 6 allows one or a series of dial indicators to be set to zero or to a pre-selected value.

      Supplied with:

      1 battery No. 081560 size 357.

      Optional extras:

      Data cable No. 497080, special contact points No. 434900; 434910; 434915.