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      Article no.: 599800 EK600

      Sharpening stone L×W×H (mm) 100×25×13 EK600

      Brand: Tyrolit
      Grinding medium code A
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      Sharpening stone L×W×H (mm) 100×25×13 EK600

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      Roughening and sharpening stones of homogeneous structures; various sizes.
      Aluminium Oxide sharpening stone in ceramic bonding (standard application).


      • Sharpening (recreating the grit projections) of diamond and CBN grinding wheels after dressing or during the grinding process. The bonding is cut back and the sharp diamond and CBN grit particles are made available again.
      • Use manually or stationary on grinding machines with radial in-feed.
      • Sharpening wet is recommended.


      Store sharpening stones preferably wet.