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      Article no.: 551920

      Polishing point 220 grit (brown) fine 8X10 mm GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
      Grinding medium code A
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      Polishing point 220 grit (brown) fine 8X10 mm GARANT

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      Polishing points with standard aluminium oxide (A) in resilient rubber bonding.
      GARANT polishing points are characterised by long service life and quick production of fine, even surface finishes. Finest polishing grades or surfaces right up to mirror finish can be achieved, depending on the version used. GARANT polishing points can be profiled using dressing sticks.


      For fine abrasion and polishing of steel, stainless and acid-resistant steel, high-temperature materials and non-ferrous metals. Polishing grinding points do not clog even when used on materials prone to clogging. For matt finish or application of visual effects on stainless containers etc. Due to resilient bonding of abrasive grit a very fine polish is achieved.
      Not suitable for sharp edges and rough surfaces.

      Application Table

      Alu Mg
      Steel < 900 N/mm²
      Steel < 1400 N/mm²
      Steel < 55 HRC
      Steel < 60 HRC
      Steel < 67 HRC