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      Article no.: 380870

      Neodymium magnetic clamping block 140 mm

      Brand: SAV
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      Neodymium magnetic clamping block 140 mm

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      • Extremely high clamping force due to specially developed process.
      • Sturdy all-steel body with an ON-OFF switch on the end face.
      • Lamellae made of 2 mm brass / 4 mm steel.

      • Neodymium magnetic system.


      • For components which are difficult to clamp, such as Ferrotic, carbide with cobalt.
      • For spark erosion and grinding.


      Adaptors optionally available for all zero-point clamping systems GARANT Zeroclamp on the market (Partool, 3R, Mecatool, Erowa, etc.). Please supply the respective data when ordering.