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      Article no.: 342600

      MK tapered arbor precision version 0/6

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      MK tapered arbor precision version 0/6

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      Through hardened and ground. High long-term concentricity because swarf cannot be pressed into the hardened surface and no notches can occur from minor impacts.
      With MT shank and tang.
      Size 1/18, 2/18, 3/18, 4/18, 5/18 - Shank with drill chuck taper B18 (taper ⌀ 17.431 mm) suitable only for drill chuck No. 341000, 341010, 341250, and 341450.
      The high precision version offers maximum concentricity and is recommended for self-tightening high-performance drill chucks No. 341000.


      For mounting drill chucks on drills, lathes, jig borers etc.


      Drill chuck taper DIN 238.