A small storage facility with a big effect

Lufthansa CityLine changes its storage logistics over to Tool24 and significantly speeds up its procurement of C-parts

Since May 2016 the new GARANT Tool24 goods issuing system has been in use at Lufthansa CityLine Technik in Munich. Since the change-over, the fully automated goods issuing system has produced savings both in costs and time. Whilst up to mid-December 2015 the procurement, storage and consumption of material was controlled in SAP, since that date the employees have created a new logistics system, which is now in full operation.

The original process for procurement of batteries, drills, workers’ gloves or flat paint brushes consisted of many individual steps from requisitioning through procurement to issuing. The problems lay on the one hand in the large number of persons involved in the process, and on the other hand in the long delivery times of four to six weeks. Materials requisitions had first to be submitted to the respective supervisor before the order could be raised and the materials delivered to the main stores. A distributor then had to bring the products from the main stores to the stores at Lufthansa CityLine Technik.

Although at first glance the GARANT Tool24 goods issuing system is not a spectacular methodology, it does make life much easier for the technical staff. It is controlled on-line and records the available quantities of the items and the exact stock value. The racking system is linked into the Hoffman Group on-line catalogue.

If a stock level falls below the required level, the system identifies this itself and automatically reorders the material concerned. Within two days the Hoffmann Group supplies the item that was ordered, so that after checking it can immediately be put into stock in the goods issuing system on site. Thus the ordered material is available to employees in less than three days. Gottfried Selmaier, Team Leader for tool issuing at Lufthansa CityLine, is also impressed with the new GARANT Tool24 Smartline:

The new goods issuing system means we are now much more independent and can complete our work more quickly.

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