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Extended lighting set for GridLine cabinets with Sliding doors, width 50G

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Lighting set for compartmentalised lighting of the interior of the cabinet. The lamps are installed underneath the shelf and connected via the power supply rail. Sets are tailored to suit our fitted GridLine cabinets and may be installed only in them.
Extended sets for lighting individual compartments of the interior of the cabinet.
Complete sets contain all components for installation of internal lighting within a GridLine cabinet. They contain LED lights in 2 lengths, 570 mm and 870 mm. Plug connectors are protected against polarity reversal. The power consumption depends on the number of LED lamps in the set.
Lamps: With 30° beam angle for non-dazzling lighting. Integral magnets for free positioning in the interior of the cabinet. Rated voltage 24 V/DC, light colour approx. 6000 K, CRI 80, energy class A+.
LED lamps, length 870 mm: Power consumption 8.5 W; illumination 437 lm.
LED lamps, length 570 mm: Power consumption 5.5 W; illumination 676 lm.
Power supply unit: Designed especially for LED and lighting applications. Protected against short circuits, overload, overvoltage and overheating (auto-recovery). Input industrial plug No. 928491 size 3 fitted.
Input voltage 90 – 305 V/AC; output voltage 24 V/DC; output current 2.5 A; power 60 W; IP67.
Switch: When the door is opened, the lighting is switched on automatically. Ready wired unit for easy installation.
Conductor rail: Intelligent cable management enables you to install the lamps at the desired height. Installation via integrated magnetic strip. Turning connectors are labelled. Not for sets No. 940501.
Cabling: all required connecting cables between the individual components. Connecting cable with German Schuko plug No. 928640 size DE/2. The number and type of cables varies according to the set.
The lighting set incorporates built-in LED lamps, which cannot be exchanged.

Supplied with:

LED lamps, switched-mode power supply, power supply rail, switch, cabling.


  • A maximum of 6 lamps, length 870 mm or 9 lamps, length 570 mm can be connected to a single power supply unit.
  • The system is not dimmable.
  • All sets are fitted with a German SchuKo plug. For other countries please order the appropriate connecting cable No. 928640 separately.
  • The switch cannot be fitted in cabinets of width 20G.
  • Not suitable for roller shutter cabinets.

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Lighting strip for storage shelf cabinet

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