ToolConcept: Component-related machining concepts to support production planning

The advantages for you

  • Supportive knowledge and expertise from experienced machining experts for your component
  • Faster turnaround from the planning stage to implementation
  • Facilitation of your project planning
  • Maximum planning security
  • Optimum machining results
  • All relevant information bundled and available electronically at any time

Customer opinion

Special-purpose machine manufacturer Glatt reduces cycle times by 90% and production costs by 70%

“We were convinced by the approach of the Hoffmann Group. Next we will purchase a new lathe and test it with ToolConcept – the effects will be even greater. For us the Hoffmann Group is not just a supplier, but a real system partner.”“

Joerg Stadie, Plant Manager at Glatt Systemtechnik GmbH (on the left)

Your project - our concept.

Perfectly planned, fully calculated and reliably produced.

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