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PB Swiss Tools develops and produces tools of uncompromising Swiss quality

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PB Swiss Tools - Work with the best

PB Swiss Tools develops and produces tools of uncompromising Swiss quality: precise, durable and reliable. Anyone who drives screws professionally will appreciate these excellent tools and instruments. Because we use the latest technologies, experienced specialists and a high level of automation, we can offer our international clientele an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Swiss Quality and Guarantee

As a manufacturer of screwdriving and striking tools of unique quality, PB Swiss Tools distinguishes their products with a serial number. Since we produce all of our products in our own plants in the Swiss Emmental, our quality control is complete. Our experts conduct strict quality controls during the entire manufacturing process. Their expert knowledge and the modern laboratory equipment guarantee a unique product quality and continual improvements. Thanks to the serial number, each production step can be traced back down to the raw material, even after a tool is sold. This is our mark of outstanding quality – with a lifetime warranty.

Select Materials

The basic material used to manufacture PB Swiss Tools tools is a special alloy based on spring steel. Particularly high hardness values (58 – 60 HRC) and unique toughness and spring characteristics distinguish our wear-resistant special steel. It has been produced from a special recipe that was developed especially for us over many decades in collaboration with numerous steelworks.

Cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) is used for the transparent classic and multicraft handles. This modified natural material is based on soft wood, which is a renewable resource.

The SwissGrip and ElectroTool handle lines are each made of two components. The hard core is made from a specially modified form of polypropylene that is highly impact-resistant. For the soft covering, we use Santoprene®, a premium-quality branded product.

This soft plastic is kind to the skin and pleasant to the touch. It can handle high torques and is suitable for prolonged use as it does not cause any strain on the user.

Colour Code

Reaching the right tool

Colors make it possible to distinguish between different objects of similar appearance. Based on this fact, PB Swiss Tools offers tools that are color-coded according to their size and their function. In 2000, PB Swiss Tools was the first tool manufacturer to bring its RainBow set of color-coded hex key L-wrenches on the market. The increasing number of imitations proves the benefits of using color-coded tools.

Whether color coding by size or by tool type, both systems guarantee that the desired tool can be found as quickly as possible. You will be impressed with the functionality.

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