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GARANT competence in turning

For use on all CNC lathes DMG Gildemeister CTX with Sauter turrets. Drive coupling DIN 5480. Clamping of tools in driven tools using ER collet with external nut or VARIA VX quick-change system (under license from EWS). External cooling via a coolant tube, internal cooling through the tool centrally through the spindle. Maximum speed 8000 rpm.

Reduce your set-up and ancillary times
by the use of GARANT driven tools in axial and radial version! Drilling and milling operations can be performed in a single set-up, thus increasing your productivity. The optimised spindle bearing, the external and internal cooling as well as the high-quality workmanship are what distinguishes the GARANT driven tools.


Radial turret
1. & 2. Radial driven tools (VDI left-hand serrated).
3. Axial driven tools (also for disc turrets).

Disc turret

4. Radial driven tools (VDI right-hand serrated).
5. Radial driven tools. Recessed because of restricted clear machining area in the machine.


Spreading the cutting operations across two machines requires additional time – non-productive and uneconomic work.
The use of driven tools reduces the set-up times and ancillary times, and allows the machining of the workpiece to be performed in a single set-up.

  • Reduction of set-up and ancillary times.
  • Machining in a single set-up.
  • Increased productivity by counter-spindle machining and the multi-turret principle.


The correct bearing arrangement.
Optimised spindle bearing:

  • High rotational speeds and small radial run-out (3µm)
  • Long running times and bearings with zero play

High quality premium bearings:
High-quality driven tools are generally equipped with spindle bearings of abec class 5.
Driven tools from GARANT rise above that – the tolerance bands selected are still tighter.

Compact design: Stability and maximum available tool length.
Wearing parts and functional faces hardened and ground.

The correct cooling.
Depending on the type of application, driven tools with the following cooling can be selected:

  1. External cooling: Through secured ball injection nozzles.
  2. Internal cooling: Through the tool (i.e. drill or milling cutter). At pressure up to 70 bar for radial tools and 25 bar for axial tools.
    Very smooth cutting. Gears ground and lapped.

When choosing driven tools, consideration must be given to the coolant pressure of the lathe:

  • A high proportion of the machines in use have a max. coolant pressure of 8 bar.
  • High-pressure machines with pressures up to 20 bar.
  • High-pressure machines with pressures up to 70 bar.


1. Select the right turret interface (VDI, BMT, and many more)
2. Drive type and coupling type: The primary consideration is to select the correct drive type and coupling type to suit the machine. GARANT driven tools are equipped with the DIN5480 drive → for use on all DMG Gildemeister CTX CNC lathes with Sauter turrets. Advantage of DIN5480: Fixed position of the driven tool, i.e. the tool stays in the same position. Only the driven tool that is in use rotates, none of the other driven tools rotate with it.
3. Tool selection based on the type of turret:
Axial tools: No differentiation required, they suit both disc and radial turrets.
Radial tools: Differentiation must be made between disc and radial turrets.
4. Selection according to the type of application: Machining (light, medium, heavy) - Space available in the machining area: e.g. choice of a recessed tool - Productivity: e.g. a double-spindle machine.
5. Selection of the direction of rotation of the tool: How do the various drives behave.
6. Selection regarding increased/decreased speed: Decreased speed for heavier machining operations. Increased speed for inserts that operate at high rotational speed.

GARANT driven tools in action

Watch the video to discover more about driven tools, optimised spindle bearing, cooling and much more.

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