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      Article no.: 097244

      Half-face mask X-plore® 3500

      Brand: DRAEGER
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      Half-face mask X-plore® 3500

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      Convenient two-filter half face mask for long-lasting use under demanding conditions. The flat design and the lateral attachment of the filter ensure an extremely flat mask profile. This makes the half-face mask ideal for fitting with other personal protective equipment (for instance under a protective visor or with safety glasses) and offers the wearer a good field of view. The lightweight adjustable retainer straps are arranged in an innovative X-pattern (diagonal) and ensure uniform, pleasant distribution of the tensile forces, with optimum leak-tightness. The lateral bayonet connections are suitable for the use of the Dräger X-plore® bayonet filter series. The “Drop-Down banding system” with neck locking allows easy removal of the screen during breaks in work, without requiring removal of the safety helmet. Available in the sizes M and L.


      Metal and automobile industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, maintenance, supply and disposal.


      EN 140

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      Carrying bag