Ergonomics and ESD: ESD workstations protect components and boost your productivity

People spend an average of 8 hours at their workplace every day. It would, therefore, seem obvious that a good assembly workstation must do more than just protect against ESD – it also needs to provide an ergonomic working environment so as to keep the component safe and protect your employees’ health.

It’s not just the hazards associated with ESD assembly work that are invisible – like electrostatic discharge itself, health-related problems also often creep in under the radar, meaning you don’t notice them until later on when you suffer from back and joint pain. Maintaining a good posture prevents unhealthy and unnecessary movements, making flexible, ergonomically designed workstations an effective means of ensuring high productivity and component quality. Think ahead and prevent problems before they occur – choose an ergonomic ESD workstation and take all necessary precautions to ensure you’re protected as far as possible.

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ESD tables: the building blocks of any EPA

Not all tables are the same, and that’s especially true if you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to electrostatic discharge. Work tables that have special ESD protection dissipate electrostatic charges via the work surface and a grounding cable, meaning ESD tables remain charge-neutral. High-quality ESD tables are able to protect both your employees’ health and your electronic components. Take advantage of this versatility in your company and select from a wide range of ESD tables. You also benefit from plastic parts such as cover caps, which are also not conductive.
Naturally, our ESD tables are very sturdy designs, meaning they’ll last for many years to come.

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ESD table

ESD-protected tables need to be ergonomically adjustable. Electrostatic charges are dissipated via the work surface and a grounding cable, meaning the table remains charge-neutral. Any plastic parts (e.g. cover caps) are not conductive.

ESD table mats

Using an ESD table mat that has a non-slip underside and rounded corners ensures constant discharge resistances, as an extremely low-resistance under layer is applied to each part of the table mat.

ESD chair

Using an ergonomic ESD chair with seat padding, backrest, castors and all other parts made of ESD-conductive material prevents electrostatic charges.

ESD wristband

An ESD wristband made of plastic and with a connected grounding cable is compulsory when working with electronic assemblies.

ESD flooring

ESD flooring consisting of floor mats or floor panels with relevant grounding ensures that the required discharge resistances are adhered to.

ESD tape and signs

Using ESD marking tape on the floor and ESD signs indicates the EPAs and makes it clear when you have left these areas.

GARANT floor mat with ESD safety label

ESD floor mat

Industrial workplace mats with an ESD safety label have electrical discharging properties and an ESD grounding connection.

ESD tape and signs clearly mark out EPAs

This eye-catching equipment is bound to turn heads – and that’s precisely the point! Electronics production workers need to know clearly when they are getting too close to a critical Electrostatic Protected Area. Our ESD equipment is unmissable and consists of hard-wearing floor marking tape that is resistant to cleaning agents, along with a matching sign.

The high-visibility yellow tape with the ESD logo and arrows clearly marks out the EPAs in your Production department, whereas the red tape makes it clear that you’re leaving the EPA. It’s as simple as it is safe. The tape is 7 cm wide and printed on the back, which makes it resistant to abrasion. The matching sign to identify the EPA measures 30 cm x 50 cm and comes in German or English – both are real head-turners.

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ESD table mats provide the ideal basis for safe working

ESD table mats can quite happily be left lying around on the tables.

Just like an ESD table, an antistatic ESD table mat can also prove a real boon when working with sensitive electronic components. This non-slip and heat-resistant antistatic mat is grounded and made of particularly hard-wearing material. It’s a real all-rounder as it discharges static electricity and thus prevents electrostatic charges from building up. What’s more, the material is also largely resistant to soldering irons, which makes it durable and means there is no black residue after making contact with the silver in the solder.

There’s only one thing that an ESD table mat doesn’t like: dirt. So make sure to clean it regularly for consistently good component quality and a long service life.

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ESD wristbands combine maximum freedom of movement with excellent grounding

Our entirely metal-free ESD wristband is an amazing little thing. When it comes to assembling electronic components, style needs to go hand in hand with function – which is why this attractive ESD wristband also packs a punch when it comes to its features. When contact is made with an electrically conductive material, ESD wristbands discharge static electricity over the wearer’s body without them noticing. The only thing the wearer needs to do is ensure the ESD wristband is in constant contact with their skin. To make this as easy as possible, the ESD wristband is comfortable to wear and barely noticeable as the wearer goes about their day-to-day work. And to ensure the wearer has the greatest possible freedom when working with the wristband, the grounding set not only contains the wristband made of conductive plastic, but also a flexible spiral cable that connects the wristband with the grounding source. It ensures the electrostatic charge goes exactly where it needs to: into the ground.

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