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The German Occupational Health and Safety Act.

2-component Haptoprene®:
Two-component surface that provides good grip, even with wet and oily hands.

5S methodology:
The 5S methodology is a work philosophy that was created in Japan in 1980.
1. Sort 2. Set in order 3. Shine 4. Standardise 5. Sustain.

A further element has been added to the 6S methodology.
1. Sustain 2. Sort 3. Set in order 4. Shine 5. Standardise 6. Safety.

Working height:
A distinction must be made between the working height of workbenches and a working height when it comes to ladders. The best working height for workbenches in terms of ergonomics is determined by the person's height, the activity and, if applicable, the size of the component. We provide workbenches in two heights, 850 and 950 mm, as well as electrically height-adjustable worktables and workbenches.
In the case of ladders, the working height is the standing height plus 1.5 m. It has to be taken into account here which is the last step on the ladder that can be used.

The German Working Area Regulations for ensuring the health and safety of employees when it comes to workplace equipment.

Issuing system:
Goods issuing system for consumable materials.

Workstations and storage:
Fixtures for storing and/or producing goods and products.

German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health:
In Germany, German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) governs the provision of equipment by the employer, the use of equipment by the employees when working, and the set-up and operation of systems requiring monitoring in accordance with occupational health and safety. The protection concept contained in it can be applied to all hazards resulting from equipment.

The German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

German trade association rules for health and safety at work.

CSC approval:
International Convention for Safe Containers. A CSC label classifies various containers in descending quality from A to D.

They are small items such as nuts or screws, for example.

DGUV Information 208-016:
Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V. (German social accident insurance association) describes the instructions for dealing with ladders and steps.

DGUV rule 108-007 (BGR 234):
The storage systems have to be procured, operated and tested according to BGR 234.

DIN (EN) 131-1 to 131-7:
DIN (EN) 131-1 to 131-7 is the basis for the safe use of all types of ladders. It is valid across Europe and makes a distinction between use in commercial environments and use by private persons.

DIN 68877:
This standard specifies dimensions and the process for determining dimensions for height-adjustable, swivelling industry work chairs. It applies to industry work chairs in the commercial field and in fields in which electrostatic discharge presents an increased risk (ESD).

DIN EN 14183:
Standard for ladders and steps.

DIN EN 14470:
A European standard for fire-resistant storage cabinets.

DIN EN 15635:
Rack inspection is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 15635.

Mounting system for tools.

Hoffmann Group online configurator for planning individual rigid foam inlays for tools. Foam inlays ensure that your tools are stored in drawers in a safe and clearly arranged manner. Rigid foam inlays can also be pre-configured and be ordered pre-equipped with tools in the online shop.

One-hand individual drawer release system:
Prevents the drawers from opening during transport.

Individual issuing systems:
Cabinets for tool and goods issuing.e.

EPAs (electrostatic protected areas) are ESD-safe zones that provide effective protection against damage due to electrostatic discharge. All precautionary measures are taken here to be able to work with electrostatically sensitive assemblies without damaging them.

Adaptation of the working conditions to people's requirements.

ESD is short for electrostatic discharge. Large differences in potential (different voltages) cause a short electrical current – either in the form of a spark or disruptive discharge. However, many electrostatic discharges occur below the threshold of human perception, but can still cause damage – to electronic assemblies for example. Protective measures are therefore necessary.

Hoffmann Group online configurator for planning individual worktops. Worktop sections, cable pass-throughs, ventilations grilles, openings or cut-outs can be designed according to your particular specifications.

EU Directive 2009/104/EC:
Directive concerning minimum requirements for health and safety protection when employees are using equipment during work.

F90 concrete container:
A fire protection container made from concrete.

Shelf load capacity:
Load capacity of a shelf.

Load per bay:
Load capacity in shelving bay between two rack stands.

Fire-resistant cabinet, type 30:
Safety cabinet with a fire resistance time of 30 minutes in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1. The safety cabinet is to leave employees enough time in the event of a fire to leave the room, and to give the fire brigade enough time to extinguish a fire before an uncontrolled fire develops from a small extinguishable fire due to the flammable substances that are being stored.

Fire-resistant cabinet, type 90:
Safety cabinets with a fire resistance time of 90 minutes in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1 rank as a storage section and have an unlimited number of fire-proof cabinets per fire-fighting section. The safety cabinet is to leave employees enough time in the event of a fire to leave the room, and to give the fire brigade enough time to extinguish a fire before an uncontrolled fire develops from a small extinguishable fire due to the flammable substances that are being stored.

Fire resistance classes:
The fire resistance classes describe how many minutes a safety cabinet or a component can withstand fire.

GARANT ComfortClose:
Self-closing system and damping for drawers.

Hazard category GHS 1-3:
The categories 1 to 3 are flammable liquids.
Category 1 means a strong toxic effect; this becomes weaker with each additional category.

Hazard category GHS 1-4:
Category 1 to 4 is acute toxicity.
Category 1 means a strong toxic effect; this becomes weaker with each additional category.

German hazardous substance regulations.

Casing height:
The casing height describes the exterior dimensions of a drawer unit, tool cabinet, cabinet.

G units:
G stands for grid and is the unit of measurement for the GARANT GridLine workstations and storage system; 1 G = 25 mm.

Electronic locking system for GARANT workstations and storage equipment built from 2006 onwards. It enables intelligent, reliable and fast access to tools.

Area of reach:
All areas that a worker can reach with their hands without leaving their workstation.

An intermediate bulk container is used for storing free-flowing substances and liquids.

Method of production process control.

Lean Management:
Continuous process optimisation and effective design of the value creation chain.

Usable height:
Height within a drawer unit, tool cabinet, cabinet that can be used for fitting with drawers, pull-out shelves, storage shelves, etc.

Cross beam:
Term from ladder and platform technology. According to the new standard DIN EN 131, for ladders in order to increase safety for employees.

RAL colours:
Standardised colours that are created and administrated by RAL gGmbH are designated RAL colours. These are a series of colour systems and colour catalogues used throughout the world; they each include a range of standardised colours. Each colour is assigned a unique number.

RAL association:
Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung (German institute for quality assurance and identification).

REACH Regulation:
EU chemicals regulation for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. Floor mats and workplace mats comply with the REACH Regulation.

Ready-to-go workbench:
Compact workbench with a projecting worktop. Delivered fully assembled.

Reach height:
Standing height plus two metres. Applies in the case of ladders, steps and scaffolding.

RFID scanner:
Radio-frequency identification. Is intended for communication and identification of goods, objects or living beings.

Drawer or locker systems:
Multiple items in one drawer or one compartment.

Visual space:
There are various areas in visual space. The viewer has clear vision in the direct line of sight (the area that is directly visible without moving your eyes). In the peripheral view (area visible when moving eyes but keeping head still), vision is somewhat restricted, and for the surrounding view (area visible when turning head but not body), the viewer has to turn their head slightly.

Standing height:
Maximum ladder height that can be climbed up to.

Is a goods issuing system or tool issuing system.

TRBS 2121 part 2:
Technical rules for operating safety. Part 2 defines the requirements of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

Technische Regeln für Gefahrstoffe (technical rules for hazardous substances) are determined and adapted by the Ausschuss für Gefahrenstoffe (German committee on hazardous substances – AGS).

vario workbench:
Modular workbench; installation in rows and islands possible. Supplied for self-assembly.

Traffic routes:
Collective term for routes and pathways with traffic.

VESA Standard:
The VESA Standard is a standard for mounting flat screens/LCD displays/monitors on monitor brackets. Depending on the dimensions and weight of the screen, at least four threaded holes/drilled holes are defined. Screens/monitors can be mounted more easily due to the uniform VESA Standard.

Goods issuing system:
A goods issuing system is a tool issuing system for the supply of consumable materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials, tools, personal protective equipment, etc. Goods issuing systems help to ensure that work processes are designed efficiently and process costs are reduced, in particular when it comes to the procurement of C-items.

Height-adjustable workstations.

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