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No time for bad tools! The Hoffmann Group’s professional tools for 2024.

Real, professional tools that are more than just gadgets

Straight from the Hoffmann Group’s research labs comes a selection of the finest special tools to revolutionise your work.
Place your trust in a high-level of functionality and maximum reliability. After all, when you’re on a special mission, only the best is good enough.

machining, clamping technology

Mission: Precision

The best machining and clamping technology tools are just waiting for you to put them to use.

Highlights from our range of machining tools and clamping technology

GARANT Master Steel HPC

GARANT Master Steel VHM HPC drill

Extra-long tool life and increased feed rate.

GARANT Master INOX TPC miller


Innovative, high-performance miller with through-coolant for trochoidal milling.


HOLEX Pro eco screw-on toolholder

Targeted and simple cooling at a clever price-performance ratio.

GARANT Xtric Automation

GARANT Xtric Automation centring vice

Compatible with the GARANT Automation Turntable loading system.

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grinding & cutting technology

Allow us to introduce... Tools. That’s right – your tools!

The latest measurement technology, grinding and cutting technology, and hand tools for highly specialised jobs.

Highlights from our measurement technology & hand tools

GARANT Green Plus Granite Cleaner

GARANT GreenPlus Granite cleaner

Specially developed for professional cleaning and maintenance of granite comparison scales. No labelling needed.


GARANT GMT2 Vibratory finishing machine

For automated finishing on small to medium batch sizes.


GARANT Master UNI burr

A low-vibration all-rounder with up to 60% higher metal removal rate.

GARANT HCT Electronic Torque Analyser

GARANT electronic torque analyser

For digitally setting and testing torque wrenches. Simplifies documentation.

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automated manufacturing

Our new mission: Automated manufacturing

With our automation solutions, you can kick-start your mission to achieve future-oriented, efficient production. Make your production processes stress-free for both you and your company!

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workstations & storage

Ready for anything

Our workstations and storage solutions take tidiness, effectiveness and ESD protection to the next level. With these products, anything is possible!

Product highlights for your workstations and storage

GARANT Uni Line ESD Cleaning Wall

GARANT Uni Line ESD Cleaning wall

Reliable cleaning results with the stable, mobile ESD perforated wall for easy set-up. Both sides can be used at once, e.g. with the ESD recycling bin and open storage bins.

GARANT GridLine Tool cabinet

GARANT GridLine tool cabinet

Fully equipped tool cabinet with full extension drawers from the modular GridLine workstations and storage system – for modern, flexible integration.

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personal protective equipment PPE

The perfect choice when everything’s on the line

You can always rely on your personal protective equipment. After all, its features have been developed specifically for your application.

Product highlights for your personal protective equipment

GARANT Ladies’ work trousers Industry

GARANT Women’s industry work trousers

Incredibly hard-wearing thanks to a combination of high-quality materials, with stretch inserts for greater comfort.

GARANT Green Plus waistcoat

GARANT Green Plus waistcoat

Lightweight, water-repellent and breathable hybrid waistcoat with a high percentage of recycled material.

HOLEX Move two ESD shoe

HOLEX Move two ESD shoe

Breathable and resistant safety shoe with modern design, comfortable and pleasant to wear.

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The first step in any production process is to ensure your employees are properly protected – discover our range of new PPE products

Feel safe, work better – it is only with the right personal protective equipment that you can perform with full effectiveness. That’s where we come in: with personal advice, a comprehensive range and the right services.

GARANT work clothing Industry

Personal protective equipment

GARANT work clothing Industry

New GARANT industrial collection made of robust mixed fabric to give you more freedom of movement. Available from September.

GARANT work clothing Service

Personal protective equipment

GARANT work clothing Service

New GARANT service collection made of elastic mixed fabric for excellent flexibility.

Sustainable PPE: GARANT GreenPlus cut-resistant gloves

Sustainable protective equipment

GARANT GreenPlus cut-resistant gloves containing recycled material

A sustainable product that is both very durable and comfortable to wear.


Innovative, systematic machining tools

We have pioneering expertise when it comes to machining. For you, this means that we will find exactly the right solution for your circumstances. Ideal results achieved by working together.

View our product highlights for 2022/2023:

GARANT tools
HOLEX Pro Inox solid carbide high-performance drill

Solid carbide high-performance drill


Efficient drilling, specially developed for use in stainless and acid-resistant steels.

GARANT Master Tap ALU through hole machine tap

Machine tap

GARANT Master Tap Alu

High-performance tap, specially developed for aluminium and non-ferrous alloys.

GARANT Master UNI solid carbide torus cutter

Solid carbide milling cutter


The new milling cutter generation delivers a particularly high performance when working on different types of materials.

GARANT Master eco screw-on toolholder

Screw-on toolholder

GARANT Master eco

Screw-on toolholder with highly efficient cooling technology for turning and groove machining.

Indexable insert for turning, designed for finish machining

Indexable insert for turning

GARANT indexable insert for turning, grade HB7140-2

Robust turning grade for difficult-to-machine stainless steels. Ideal for interrupted cutting.

GARANT Master Chuck hydraulic chuck

Hydraulic chuck

GARANT Master Chuck

The slim version has the same outer contour as a shrink-fit chuck. The performance version is ideal for highly dynamic milling applications.

The tool for special cases: the GARANT Master range

The GARANT Master tools enable you to take your production to a new level as they bring together tried-and-tested GARANT features. These problem-solvers can easily handle challenging applications and machine special materials.


Innovative grinding and cutting technology, measurement technology and hand tools

We provide comprehensive support when it comes to grinding and cutting technology as well as measurement tools and hand tools, with personal advice, the right products and appropriate services.

GARANT Master Alu burrs

Carbide burrs

GARANT Master Alu

Burrs of high-performance carbide grades with high toughness and excellent cutting edge stability. Specially developed for ALU and non-ferrous metals.

ELMA ultrasonic cleaning bath

Ultrasonic cleaning baths

ELMA ultrasonic cleaning bath Elmasonic Select

Powerful and individual. For removing contamination from virtually all surfaces.

HOLEX tools
GARANT Master Alu carbide burrs

Carbide burrs

GARANT Master Alu

The latest addition to the range of Master burrs. Burrs of high-performance carbide grades with high toughness and excellent cutting edge stability. Specially developed for aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

GARANT digital external micrometer HCT

Digital external micrometer

GARANT digital external micrometer HCT

Innovative external micrometer IP67 with Bluetooth. The simple way to save and transfer measuring results. Compatible with the HCT apps.

GARANT electronic torque analyser HCT

Electronic torque analyser

GARANT electronic torque analyser HCT

For digitally setting and testing torque wrenches and screwdrivers. For releasing blocked HCT torque wrenches.

Optimise processes with Bluetooth®-enabled tools

Optimise processes with Bluetooth®-enabled tools: Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT)

The Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT) make your measurement processes faster, more efficient and more accurate than ever before. We can help you to introduce them at your company!


New workstations and storage products

As a full-service provider of workstations and storage solutions, we work together with you to shape the calling card of your business. Everything is from a single source – from project planning and in-house manufacturing to turnkey installation.

GARANT floor mat

Workstations and storage

GARANT floor mat with ESD protection

Ergonomic industrial workplace mat with optimal pivot point for medium to high loads. Electrically conductive.

GARANT Easyfix tipping box

Workstations and storage

GARANT easyFix tipping box

Ideal for storing small parts and keeping everything easily to hand.

GARANT easyBin recycling collection bin

Workstations and storage

GARANT easyBin recycling collection bin

Sheet metal recycling collection bin with folding/swing flap. For keeping your workstations even tidier.

GARANT GridLine workstations and storage solution system

Systematic workstations and storage solutions: GARANT GridLine

Ergonomic, intelligent and modular: plan and implement custom-designed workplace concepts as per your wishes.

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Digital manufacturing solutions and Industry 4.0

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