Homogeneous surfaces even for complex geometries

GARANT CaraFin polishing tools tested in practice

For over 20 years the company modell-n Modelle + Designobjekte Nagel has been synonymous with the construction of sophisticated models in the form of prototypes and design models of the highest quality.

"In order to achieve optimum results for our customers and at the same time work efficiently, we always strive to combine classic craftsmanship with the use of the latest technologies." reports Manfred Nagel. In this way, the costs for the customer can be kept low while at the same time guaranteeing top quality products.

Over the years modell-n has accumulated a range of polishing tools from a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers. In the search for a harmonious polishing system, they came across the GARANT CaraFin polishing tools. "We want to save process costs in the procurement of our tools by purchasing them from one source if possible. The Hoffmann Group is also our first choice as a partner for polishing tools. High-performance products and good service at fair prices, as we are used to from the Hoffmann Group," says Manfred Nagel.

The advantages

"For us it is important to produce very homogeneous surfaces on the often complex surface geometries of our workpieces. In comparison to conventional grinding and polishing tools, we noticed a significant improvement in the homogeneity of the grinding and polishing finish with the GARANT CaraFin polishing tools. In addition, the polishing result is more independent of the respective employee processing the workpiece. The fact that the work with these polishing tools is also done more quickly and that we save about 40 % of the working time when processing aluminium, for example, is of course a nice side effect."

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