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Side lock arbor Form ADB with cooling channel bores SK 40 A = 100

Article no.: 300235
  • Standard: DIN 6359
  • Arbor standard: ISO 7388-1
  • Shape: ADB
  • Cooling channel bore: pluggable
  • Balance quality G at rotational speed: G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm



With Balluff/RFID chip bore.
All shanks hard turned (for smooth cutting action!). Balancing quality G 2.5 / G 25,000 rpm.
With coolant supply holes that can be plugged.


For clamping tools with side flat to DIN 1835 B and DIN 6535 HB.

Optional extras:

Pull studs (PS) No. 308600 − 308806. Pull stud wrenches No. 308820; 308835.

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