Storage racking for your company – for greater safety and a better overview

When it comes to selecting the right storage racking solution or storage cabinet, you should not make any compromises. The safety of your employees and goods is simply far too important. It is obvious that stability and secure fastenings take top priority, particularly when it comes to heavy-duty racking. However, a cleverly designed storage system not only keeps everything securely in place – it also provides you with a better overview and ensures efficient workflows. Here we present the main racking systems for your storage facility – from simple metal racking or office racking to heavy-duty racking and wide-span racking. We will also highlight what aspects you should look out for when purchasing your storage equipment.

What does safe storage entail?

There are numerous legal rules and regulations governing the topic of safe storage. These include guidelines for storage systems and equipment (BGR) or the quality and testing regulations by the RAL association. A lot of aspects need to be taken into account as soon as you start to plan and install storage systems. For example, you must consider the nature of the floor, which affects the maximum load capacity and the type of floor anchoring for shelves and cabinets.

In any case, ensuring safe storage entails the consideration of many factors, which in turn are influenced by the materials and items you need to store:

Protection against theft Valuable goods should be stored under lock and key – either in a corresponding storage cabinet or in rooms that can be securely locked.

Reliable processes For example, for managing production processes using solutions such as Kanban systems or intelligent workstations.

Safe storage of hazardous goods A crucial topic when it comes to environmental technology (link to topic), subject to a wealth of legal regulations.

Storage of heavy componentsHere, there is usually a need for heavy-duty racking with the corresponding load capacity.

Storage of small parts These should be protected when stored and kept within easy reach – magazine boxes, small parts storage bins and drawer cabinets can all help here.

What to consider when choosing the right storage system

The following tips can be helpful when considering how best to store your materials:

Use your space effectively

In large spaces, you can use wide-span racking, cantilever arm racks or pallet racking to take advantage of the full width. Aisles should provide enough space to manoeuvre warehouse handling machines or forklift trucks (pay attention to the traffic routes). In small spaces, general purpose racks and storage shelf racks as well as shelving systems with drawers are available to clearly store smaller items.

Pay attention to the stability

A key factor in ensuring optimum stability is to consider the ratio of rack height to rack depth. The general rule is: 5:1 for open racking and 4:1 for cabinets or racks with doors. Floor and wall fastenings as well as cross-bracing for the racks must always be planned in.

Ensure the racks are inspected regularly

In Germany, storage systems must be inspected annually to ensure they are safe to use. This safety requirement is stipulated in the European standard DIN EN 15635 and the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) as well as DGUV rule 108-007 (BGR 234) for warehouse operations. An annual inspection of storage systems by appropriately qualified persons is prescribed. It is intended to help identify damage, prevent interruptions to workflows as well as work accidents, and maintain the system’s value.

The rack inspection can be performed as a visual inspection during ongoing operations, in order to reduce interruptions to workflows as far as possible. The racks are inspected for compliance with the regulations governing safety measures, rack components and loading. They are also inspected for visible damage, deformation and missing components. This applies to a wide range of racks such as:

  • Storage shelf racks
  • Pallet racking
  • Cantilever arm racks
  • Drive-in racking
  • Drive-through racking
  • Walk-through racking
  • Multi-storey equipment

Which storage racking solution is right for me?

A wide range of different racks is available, meaning you are sure to find the ideal solution for your needs. The racks are divided into those offering shelf loads up to 250 kg and above 250 kg. As a basic rule, warehouse handling equipment/forklift trucks must not be used to load goods onto racks with a load capacity ≤ 250 kg.

Here is a summary of the most important variants:

General purpose racks

Sturdy, easy to install and very versatile: the GARANT general purpose racks are available as a basic rack or extension rack.

Wide-span racking

Wide-span racking is used to store long and bulky items horizontally. Compartment widths of up to 2500 mm are available.

Cantilever arm racks

Cantilever arm racks consist of vertical rack stands to which cantilever arms are attached. This rack design is used to store long goods such as pipes or iron beams.

Heavy-duty racking

Whether it’s engines, punching tools, injection tools or pallets: heavy-duty racking reliably and safely stores heavy goods. Full or partial extension functions make it easier to load and unload the items.

Filing/office racking

Office racking comes with a centre stop strip to prevent files or documents being pushed through by mistake. This makes it possible to fill the rack from both sides.

Pallet racking

Pallet racking can hold different pallets either crosswise or lengthwise. They can be expanded with many different components to suit each respective application.

In addition to storage technology, workstations and storage also include workstation systems, tool cabinets, tool issuing systems, roller cabinets, tool trolleys, environmental technology, ladders and platforms and room systems and containers. Find out more about the topics of ergonomics at the work place and the 5S method. This takes you to the overview.

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