GARANT Productions GmbH

Workstations and Storage Equipment

GARANT Productions was founded on 01.01.2012 (as a successor to KB Knecht GmbH) and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hoffmann SE.

At the production area in Reutlingen, covering 13,500 m2, workstations and storage solutions are developed and produced for global distribution by the Hoffmann Group. The GARANT workstations and storage solutions are for the most part solutions that are tailored to suit customers' individual requirements.

Customer-specific requirements can be met by choosing from, for example, plain sheet metal doors or doors with a viewing window, sliding doors, swing doors, roller shutters or open cabinet systems. The wide range of workstations and storage equipment includes products that can be used for storage of tools in workshops as well as products that are suitable for storage of office supplies and documents.

Punching and Bending Centre & Lean Production

A Punching and Bending Centre is at the heart of the production of the workstations and storage equipment:
It results in increased productivity, which in turn also optimises all the other processing steps. Furthermore it guarantees a significant increase in production capacities and quicker production via a more flexible portfolio.

In combination with "Lean Production" techniques this enables the Reutlingen site to produce quick, flexible and continually optimised workstations and storage solutions for all application areas.

Video GARANT Productions

The following video will give you an insight into GARANT Productions. Find out more about:

  • Sheet metal store
  • No set-up times
  • Ultra-modern plastic coating
  • Maximum protection against corrosion
  • Build-to-order concept
  • Individual customer solutions

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