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      Solid carbide finishing cutter HPC

      GARANT Master Steel - Master with seven cutting edges.


      The new GARANT Master Steel solid carbide finishing cutter HPC for general-purpose use in high-performance milling.

      - Very high surface quality in very short cycle times.
      - Increased productivity due to significantly higher overall feed rates.
      - Very high infeeds due to cutter lengths up to 5×D.
      - All diameters from size 6 can be reground.

      The power of seven cutting edges


      1. Uneven spacing on tool: Reduced vibration. Increased smoothness of cutting.
      2. Optimised flute profiles: Optimum chip evacuation for 7 cutters.
      3. Cutting edges smooth polished: Ideal sharpness when coated.
      4. Green ring: For general purpose use (steel / stainless steel / cast iron).
      5. Balanced tool geometry: DIN ISO 1940 - G2.5.
      6. Optimised substrate due to matched Co content: Improved bending strength and toughness.
      7. Minimised wear: At the peripheral cutting edges. Due to specifically rounded off cutting edges.
      8. Very stable core diameter: Gives extreme robustness and tool rigidity. Avoids tool deflection.
      9. Cutting edge with 45° chamfer: For edge protection.

      Product video

      In a very short time the solid carbide finishing cutter HPC delivers very high surface quality, increasing your productivity due to its significantly higher feed rates.

      Thanks to its unequal spacing, the GARANT Master Steel finishing cutter reduces vibration and noticeably increases the smoothness of cut.

      See for yourself in our video.

      Products and further information

      You can find the milling cutters of the Master Steel range solid carbide finishing cutter HPC in our eShop.