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      Article no.: 212087

      Copy mill (RD..05) with threaded shank 10/2 mm GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
      Milling application Circular milling
      Milling application Ramping
      Milling head suitable for insert shape round
      Tool exchange PowerCard
      Spacing of the milling cutter's cutting edges unequal spacing
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      Copy mill (RD..05) with threaded shank 10/2 mm GARANT

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      Milling body with irregular pitch for smooth cutting.
      • High axial run-out accuracy and concentricity
      • Stepless repositioning of the insert as the cutting edge wears.


      ap max = 1.1 mm.
      Use GARANT torque screwdriver TQ No. 211750 size 0.6 with bit No. 674252 size 6IP.