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      Article no.: 569730

      Diamond cutting disc STANDARD*** Fast Cut 115 mm

      Brand: Tyrolit
      Grinding medium code D
      maximum circumferential speed 80
      Shape description straight
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      Diamond cutting disc STANDARD*** Fast Cut 115 mm

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      Diamond cutting discs for wet and dry cutting. Bore ⌀ 22.23 mm.
      • High cutting performance of diamonds gives short cutting times.
      • Extremely long working life, fewer disc changes.
      • Unvarying diameter, always cuts to the full depth.
      • Hardly any disc wear, reducing dust generation.

      Extremely free-cutting, for short cutting times, reduced load on the machine and clean cuts. Protected against overheating. Extra thin, coating thickness 1.2 mm (⌀ 115 / 125) and 1.9 mm (⌀ 180 / 230).


      For cutting all common building materials such as concrete (even reinforced), bricks, natural stone, tiles, ceramics, steel etc.


      • Diamond coating already pre-sharpened. Observe correct direction of rotation!
      • Other diamond cutting discs on request.